Devonshire Parish Churches

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The history of Bermuda dates back from the early 17th century when the Sea Venture of George Somers and his crew were shipwrecked on the reefs at the north of the island.

The most treasured buildings of Bermuda are those who were erected by the first settlers and are still standing. They tell the history of the country and are witnesses of how it was built. The Old Devonshire Parish Church is one of many religious buildings of Bermuda where religion played and still plays an important part in the island’s life.

The actual Old Devonshire Parish Church was reconstructed in 1970 after it was extensively burnt down by an anonymous arsonist on Easter Sunday, but it retains its original form and design. It is located at the junction of Middle Road and Brighton Hill Road, on the same site where the first Old Devonshire Parish Church was erected in 1624. This very old building was first destroyed by a hurricane in 1715 and reconstructed in 1716, and that is on these foundations that the actual building is standing.

The church doesn’t exactly look like a classic church but more like a small cottage. While the first church was thatched in palmetto, its outside is built with limestone and wood since 1716. But it is the interior that is the most interesting part of the Old Devonshire Parish Church. You can see the presence in the construction of ship’s knees, a piece of timber shaped as a right angle used to secure parts of a ship together. This shows that the same skills used in the construction of ships were used to built churches at the time and that they were applied by the same workers.

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