Darrell's Wharf

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There are many great places in Bermuda, and the nine parishes all offer some amazing views and features. But there is one that has it all, the parish of Warwick, with some south shore beaches and national parks among others. It is also the parish that has the most ferry stops on the island. Darrell’s Wharf, is one of these ferry stops as well as one of the attractions of the parish.

Darrell’s Wharf in Warwick is a ferry dock on the Harbour Road, located just at the border between the parishes of Warwick and Paget. The Darrell’s Wharf port is situated on the ferry road that links the parishes of Hamilton and Warwick and is used by local residents as well as visitors of hotels nearby that are not directly served by buses. It offers a quicker alternative to the buses and taxis to go from Warwick’s Parish to Hamilton with a crossing that lasts only 15 minutes.

Darrell’s Wharf in Warwick is more importantly the closest ferry stop on the land for the residents of Hinson’s Island. It is one of the thirty or so islands of the Great Sound and the one closest to the parish of Warwick. Because it is a relatively small island and that the fauna and flora is remarkable, cars are not allowed on Hinson’s Island. For that reason, residents have no other choice than leaving their cars on the main land and take the ferry between the island and Darrell’s Wharf,Warwick every morning and evening.


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