Crystal Caves

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Caves come in all sizes and shapes on the island but the Crystal Caves, on Hamilton Parish, are the largest and the most famous. They were discovered on the property of the Wilkinson family by accident in 1905 when two boys who were looking for their cricket ball entered a hole in the ground and found the caves. The name was given after the crystal-clear water of the caves that allows you to see the cave floor perfectly, even at its deepest, 55 feet (17 meters) below the surface.

The first to explore the caves was the owner’s son who was lowered down by his father on a rope tied to a tree and equipped with a bicycle lamp. Today, the hole is still visible but the entrance  is via a door carved on the rock and a flight of about 90 steps takes you down to the caves situated 120 feet (36 meters) below ground level.

While walking on a floating wooden pontoon across the Cahow Lake that covers most of the caves’ floor, you get to see the amazing formations of pristine white stalactites descending from the ceiling as well as those of stalagmites coming up from the bottom of the lake. You can also observe soda straws and helectite formations.

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