Chaplin Bay / Stonehole Bay

A selection of images from Chaplin Bay / Stonehole Bay in Bermuda. Feel free to publish our photography on your site - but please note publishing guidelines.

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Chaplin Bay is a cute little piece of beach-front in Bermuda. It is flanked by Horseshoe Bay and Stonehole Bay. This is a calm and tranquil stretch of land with unique beautiful pink sand. The beach is separated by a large coral wall with cliffs on all sides. The coral barrier reef is over the water line.

Chaplin Bay is considered one of the most admired beaches to visit on the island. It extends along the borders of Warwick and Southampton parishes. This secluded spot is the perfect place to be alone. You can walk on the beach, swim in the ocean or lounge about in peace.

The beach is equipped with public bathrooms. There is a trail close by leading to Horseshoe Bay. There you can take advantage of the beach and shower dispensation. Tourists may also follow a trail to nearby South Shore Park and have a picnic. This makes Chaplin Bay an internationally renowned holiday destination and the ideal place to relax.

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