Cafe Ten

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If you are now confused and not quite sure what being cool is all about, you only need to pop into Café Ten, on Dundonald Street, Hamilton, in Bermuda, to get the perfect idea.

The establishment is the first winner of the coolest café category of the Best of Bermuda Awards organised by The Bermudian. The location is perfect, a 10-minute walk from Front Street, the seafront overcrowded by tourists. As they have a tendency to stay in a very close perimeter to the main downtown, the atmosphere of Café Ten stays local and authentic.

It is one of the preferred café to start a night out at the week-end because at the evening it turns into a wine bar and is full of young professionals and 30-somethings. The style here is best describe as casual elegant, whether it is the dress code, the design or the food and drinks. The décor is a clever mix of Asian and post industrial Spanish red interior, featuring mesh metal blinds as well as an immense baroque oil painting hanging over the bar.

The ambiance is relaxed and warm, nothing to high-brow. Locals are here to meet up and catch up with their friends and those in quest of a party will leave later on. Café Ten usually get busy from 4pm, when the “5 for $6 til 7 @ Ten” gets underway. Then it is even busier after 5 when they start serving appetizers (available until 7pm) such as flat bread pizza with basil pesto, oven dried tomatoes and goats cheese; seared prawns with burnt orange and chilli and crispy noodles; or the Asian spiced pork ribs served with cucumber slaw.

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