Front Street Shopping in Bermuda

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Front Street Hamilton Bermuda

Would you like to visit the central spot of the capital of Bermuda? Then why not head on down to Front Street?

This is the famous main strip in Hamilton, looking out on the Hamilton Harbour. It allows holiday makers observe the many captivating cruise ships which moor on the dock. This is alongside taking in the notable buildings, coated in a distinctive pastel shade. This is in keeping with the traditional structural design and architecture common in colonial days.

Front Street is celebrated for being a bustling location, active and lively. Front Street Bermuda is crowded with many different shops. They sell everything from food and drink to fashionable clothing and jewellery. There is also a fine line of gift shops, selling mementoes, souvenirs and the finest crystal.

Front Street is known for its bars and restaurants, many of whom have balcony seats where you can look out at the harbour. This adds up to Front Streets standing as one of the foremost destinations in Bermuda.

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