Frog And Onion Pub Hamilton

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Frog And Onion Hamilton

The perfect place for a pint in Bermuda is the Frog and Onion Pub in Sandy’s – an old cooperage and a victuallers which is ideally located for a refreshing break from shopping or sightseeing at the Royal Naval Dockyard.

Named so, because it was founded by a Frenchman (the frog) and a Bermudian (the onion), the building is a fascinating and historical place and has been preserved phenomenally well.

The old furnace of the cooperage (an old-style factory where barrels and kegs were made) is the great fireplace and center piece of the pub. The pub’s sheer size include the old victuallers (a word not used much these days which means a source or place of food and other provisions).

The Frog & Onion was opened in 1992 (the cooperage was built in 1853) and has seen massive success and growth to become ‘Bermuda’s most unique pub’ even if that is self-titled.

The pub also calls itself a victualler which is fitting as it does supply great food and drink and a great testament to the history of the place.

Its location is perfect for tourists as it is in the Royal Naval Dockyard, and a pleasant walk from King’s and Heritage Wharfs and the ferry dock too.

There are four dining areas in the pub and it caters for sports fans, where large televisions screens are installed so fans can watch soccer, baseball, American football, hockey and, well, just about anything – as long as it’s sports!

There are two al fresco eating areas – the beer garden and victualling yard, where you can feel the history of the place in the surroundings of the old stonework. There’s also the Admiral’s Room, which is perfect to hire out for your own private function, and the pub also has its own shop, where you can buy all manner of pub-branded and non-branded goods and gifts.

The pub is Bermuda’s only on-site brewery, the Dockyard Brewing Company, which ferments all sorts of delicious home-made beers. It really is a great place to visit for real beer enthusiasts. It currently has five brews on the go:

  • A Whale of a Wheat
    Light and refreshing German-style beer with German only hops.
  • St David’s Light
    A  Pilsner style beer, it is crisp and dry with euro-flavoring. Ideal with light snacks.
  • Somer’s Amber Ale
    The company’s proudest output. It’s a traditional English Bitter and can be enjoyed with friends – or alone!
  • Trunk Island Pale Ale
    An IPA (Indian Pale Ale), a style of beer that is rather British but first brewed in India for British soldiers. It goes with any food.
  • Black Anchor Porter
    A rich, dark ale with a history as old as Britain itself. Goes extremely well with meat dishes.

The pub also has a great pub-food menu and offers a menu with a particularly British feel. Fish and chips, pies and sausages are plentiful, and there are plenty of seafood dishes. There’s also other-than-British dishes which include pizzas, pastas and fried chicken. They offer a vast selection of sandwiches and salads and there’s a particularly great children’s menu too.

The Frog And Onion Pub, Hamilton in Bermuda

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The Frog And Onion Pub, Hamilton in Bermuda – Part of Elbow Beach Cycles’ Things To Do in Bermuda series!