Fresh Local Fish at Miles Market in Bermuda

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If there is one product that you can expect to be amazingly fresh and local in Bermuda it is fish. With an impressive number of species of fish swimming around the island in the Atlantic Ocean’s waters, Bermuda is undoubtedly a great place to eat fresh seafood.

All the restaurants on the island will get their fish delivered every morning by their favourite fisherman or fishmongers and there are plenty of places where anyone can buy the catch of the day.

So when it comes to find where the best fish comes from, you can imagine that it is most contested awards and maybe the most prestigious in Bermuda. Until this year, the jury of The Bermudian used to give the Best of Bermuda Award for fresh local fish to one of the fishermen who sell their fish by the roadside. But it was difficult to ignore the quality and the great selection offered by the Market Miles and it was given the title of best purveyor of fresh local fish in Bermuda in 2011.

Everyone on the island knows Miles Market and its reputation, some describing it at the “Harrods of Bermuda” because of the quality and speciality food you can get there. The American visitors to the island call it the Balducci of Bermuda in reference to the great New York grocers.

The business owned by the Cox family since 1862 has gradually evolved into this fine food store located at The Waterfront Complex, on Pitts Bay Road. The quality of its products is matched by five generations of experience in this domain and a staff hand selected.

You will find just about every type of fish it is possible to get from the waters of Bermuda at Miles Market, served full or perfectly cut like tuna steaks or salmon fillets. The quality of the fish here is similar to everything else that is being sold. If you are looking for the best of the best, you will definitely find it at Miles Market.

The fruits and vegetables are of course organically grown locally and to ensure a perfect quality control and offer you the best possible, the Miles Market has its own farmers. Nowhere else on the island will you get the best and freshest products in season, with mention of their provenance. As much as possible, the use of packaging is reduced, but when it is needed, sustainability and possibilities of recycling are carefully considered.

The Miles Market is not only known for having the best fresh local fish in Bermuda, it also has the best beef on the island. The lamb, pork and poultry are renowned too. Furthermore, it has the widest selection of cheese and wine on the island with products imported from everywhere in the world. Their wine selection is also the best you could find and if that was not complete enough for you they will be happy to order the bottle of your dreams.

A deli, the Miles To Go, allows anyone to go home with the best products already cooked or ready to cook, as well as picnic lunches. You can take them back home or in the office, or eat on their patio. Miles Market also has the first Café Godiva in the world, with all the Godiva chocolate products available for sale.

This year it was the award of best fresh local fish supplier, but Miles Market has had many more in the past and will probably get more in the future.

Miles Market – 96 Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton, HM08; (441) 295-1234

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