Frequently Asked Questions

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Can beginners ride a scooter or moped?
At ElbowBeachCycles, we shine working with beginners. We welcome clients of all experience levels. It helps if you can at least know how to ride a bicycle. Our industry-leading Driving Lessons System is called YouDrive™ — and it’s designed to make you a confident and safe rider. YouDrive™ is especially good for beginners and people that are less familiar with our roads. YouDrive™ sessions are packed with great information for road readiness and turbo tips that will have you tooling around Bermuda’s road like a pro. Just give the CycleShop a heads up and then can book some time for a complimentary lesson.

I have children. Can they be a passenger?
The safety of our clients is our first priority at ElbowBeachCycles. We do everything within our power to accommodate you. Our general policy is that we entertain allowing children to ride on mopeds or scooters as a passenger at 5 years old.

Which bikes are suitable for carrying passengers?
Check out our fleet to see our bike specs. As a rule, smaller bikes are only suitable for one driver. In rare instances, they may accommodate a medium-framed passenger. Our larger bikes are suitable for couples of average build. Many people prefer to have the space and flexibility that their own vehicle affords.

How do I take advantage of your specials?
We run regular specials and promotions. Check out the eligibility requirements and make sure that you have valid ID and whatever else you need to bring. We are happy to sort these out when you collect your vehicle.

Do you do discounts?
Many people have a nose for excellent value. It’s one of the reasons why we are Bermuda’s favourite scooter rental agency. All rentals come with unlimited mileage, free RoadsideAssist breakdown cover, free collection and delivery to anywhere in Bermuda, free Get-You-Going gas. On top of that, you pay the same price if you carry one person or two people on a scooter.

Do you do special requests?
Of course! We are here to serve you. Over the years, we have secured sought-after concert tickets, arranged magical moonlit rendezvous, yacht tours and managed the most challenging of group bookings. Call one of our Relationship Managers discuss what magic we can do for you. As long as it is legal, we are game!