Fort St. Catherine, St. George's, Bermuda

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Near the spot where the shipwrecked Sea Venture docked in 1609 to start the first Bermuda settlement stands the wooden fort built by Richard Moore, the first Governor of the island, in 1612, as a defence against the Spaniards. It was one of the four watchtowers built on the island. It underwent several reconstructions, and the actual structure of the Fort St. Catherine dates back from the late 19th century.

One of the most imposing forts of Bermuda, St. Catherine is now home to a museum where you can see, amongst other exhibits and artifacts, a replica of the British Crown Jewels as well as a collection of antique weapons. There was five Woolwich Rifled Muzzle Loader cannons to defend the fort, each weighing 18 tons and able to fire 400 pounds shells.

The fort is surrounded by a dry moat and can be accessed by a drawbridge. As a prime protection for the island, it has numerous ramparts, redoubts, towers and tunnels that can be explored to get a feeling of the size of it.

Fort St. Catherine is an ideal visit for everyone, from history buffs to children who can experience the chanting of ‘George the Ghost’ in one of the lower chambers that was believed to be haunted, along with a Halloween light show. The belief was so strong that in the 1970’s an exorcism took place at the fort.

You can also walk on the main terrace that overlook the reefs below and enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the ocean. For the anecdote, the terrace was used as setting for theatrical displays, such as a production of Macbeth by Charlton Heston in the 1950’s.

For this reviewer at Trip Advisor, Fort St. Catherine

“is a great place to learn how Bermuda came to be Bermuda.”

For another one,

“what makes the fort stand out are the fantastic views of the clear blue ocean and St. Catherine’s beach.”

St. Catherine is  not located on any major bus route, but you can get to the fort by scooter, take the 30 minutes hike from the city centre of St. George, or go to the nearby beach by the minibus services that depart from King’s Square.

There is a small admission fee at the fort, $5 for adults and $2 for children.

Take the time to visit Achilles Bay while you’re here and if you are planning on having food, the Blackbeard’s Hideout is right next to the fort. From its terrace, in the evening, you can admire the wonderful sunset over Achilles Bay.

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