Fine Dining and Victorian Charm At Ascot's, Bermuda

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Ascots Bermuda

If great food and service are important factors in the quality of a restaurant, there is no denying that the ambiance is what makes it come all together.

We probably all had unfortunate experience of a great meal ruined by an inadequate ambiance such as a lighting too raw or the music too loud. Because you want to feel relaxed and be able to enjoy your lunch or dinner without anything disturbing you, the ambiance should be part of the concept of any quality restaurant.

In Bermuda, the Ascot’s restaurant was voted to have the best ambiance in the 2011’s edition of the Best of Bermuda Awards organised every year by The Bermudian. The fine dining at the restaurant of the luxurious boutique hotel Royal Palms is indeed completed by a Victorian charm that you will not find anywhere else on the island.

Ascot’s really is a special place with a unique ambiance. What makes it straight away a different restaurant that all the other ones in Bermuda is its location. Ascot’s is hosted in a former mansion outside Hamilton and leaving the city for lunch or dinner already makes you feel special and relaxed. The restaurant is located at the end of a country lane in an elegant and spacious colonial hotel first built in 1903. The inside has a feeling of an English Victorian countryside house, with antique porcelain, Welsh pine furnitures and bar and comfy Queen Anne armchairs. Along with sofas, these are great to relax with a cocktail before your meal and coffee, tea or liqueur after.

The ambiance is not only inside this great house but also in the surrounding gardens filled with with trees and fountains. During the summer months or whenever the weather permits it, you can have lunch or dinner served at the front porch or at the covered terrace. A big part of the unique and best of Bermuda ambiance of Ascot’s is without doubt the fact that it is isolated from the city centre and any other restaurant. It is the best place for a romantic dinner.

During your time in Ascot’s you will feel like your are some sort of royalty or high-profile celebrity. Start with a cocktail or aperitif on the incredibly comfortable armchairs or on the patio from where you can admire the garden, its stone fountain and its Mediterranean statues. Inside the restaurant, there are paintings of local artists on the wall and Leonardo Da Vinci sketches on the centre high ceiling. The Victorian charm of the accessories is cleverly completed by a rather modern inside, the large windows have silk curtains and the walls painted of soothing shades of green.

On one side of the restaurant is the garden and on the other the hotel pool. On a corner of the restaurant is the private Wine Dining Room where up to 14 people can eat surrounded by some of the best wines from around the world.

The menu is seasonal with fresh ingredients sourced locally to farmers and fishermen. The cuisine has mainly French and Italian inspirations with specialities such as pan-seared lamb chops with vegetable risotto, and grilled grouper on pan-fried potatoes with spinach-and-crab rolls. Don’t forget to taste the fabulous desserts like the crepe Garibaldi.

Ascot’s Bermuda – Royal Palms Hotel, 24 Rosemont Avenue, Pembroke Parish, HM06; (441) 295-9

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