Experience Military History At Scaur Hill Fort & Park

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Scaur Hill Fort & Park

Another popular historical site in Bermuda, serving monuments to its military past, is the striking Scaur Hill Fort & Park.

It is the site of a former army fort which has been converted into a tourist spot and playground. It is the perfect spot to take in a stroll. You can now fish at the fort as well as have a picnic, alongside other activities.

The Scaur Hill Fort & Park is situated on the west of the island, in the parish of Somerset. It is close to the city of Hamilton. The fort dates back to the 1870s. It was built as a stronghold to defend the Royal Naval Dockyard. The structure still has ramparts offering glorious views of the Great Sound and Ely’s Harbour.

Visitors can walk around the old rooms of the fort and the still standing gun emplacements still standing. People can also observe the moat which formerly surrounded the fort. It has now been filled in and turned into a floral garden, boasting the most beautiful greenery. These are just a few of the stunning sites which await you at Scaur Hill Fort & Park in Bermuda.

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