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There are not many of these places where everything is great, from the products and their benefits, to the location, the staff and the philosophy behind the place. Well, luckily for us and all those who come to visit our island, Bermuda has just the place! It is called Down to Earth and was found to have the most friendly customer service by the judges of the Best of Bermuda Awards 2011 organised by The Bermudian.

The natural food and health store is doubled up with a juice bar and is the perfect place for those who want to look after them. We already have the chance to live in a fabulous island so why not make the most of it and stay healthy. With an expert staff always ready to help and advice you, cosmetics, well-being supplements, health food, organic grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, beans, teas, vegan-friendly snacks, books and even households products such as cleaners, body scrubs and toothpaste, Down to Earth really is the most complete health store in Bermuda!

Many of us take the decision to lead a healthy life but it is not always easy to stuck to it, especially when everyone around you has given up on it. People in Bermuda tend to not have such a good and healthy lifestyle, a bit like elsewhere in the developed world. But we all want to change it, maybe because we like to look good on the beach and we like sports a lot, especially cricket, golf and sailing. Amongst the large half dozen of organic food stores that can be found in Bermuda, Down to Earth, located in Bermuda House, on Reid Street, in Hamilton, is the one where you can get everything you need and more. A great service goes a long way in helping you choose what products are best for what you want to achieve as well as how to use them best.

But don’t just buy some products and leave without stopping by the juice bar! According to people at Down to Earth, it is the only true juice bar on the island. What we know for sure is that they deliver fresh-made citrus juices, vegetable juices, wheat-grass juices and fruit smoothies, all of them prepare to order in front of you. As much as possible, they are trying to buy from local producers and this makes for even fresher and tastier juices.

Each juice has a different function and it is important to know what they do to your organism before choosing one. The juicing dynamics are something that the staff at Down to Earth are very knowledgeable of and that’s part of why the shop was distinguished for its friendly customer service.

There are two main types of vegetable juice, with different functions. The ‘green drinks’ are made with green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, collards, Swiss chard or bok choy, and are strong detoxifiers. It is because of their high concentration in chlorophyll which is a natural disinfectant, as well as in folic acid and vitamin B. the ‘green drinks’ are also known for their healing powers by stimulating cells and rejuvenating the body.s

The other vegetable juices, made generally of carrot, celery, beetroot and others, are known as being health restorers, giving a boost to the immune system and guarding the body against illness. Down to Earth has many other vegetable juices such as cucumber, parsley, or even garlic or onion.

Down to Earth, Bermuda – 56 Reid St., Hamilton, HM12; 441 292 5639;

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