Dolphin Quest, Sandys Parish, Bermuda

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Dolphin Quest Bermuda

If swimming with dolphins is one of your dreams, then get ready to fulfil it with Dolphin Quest, a facility located in the Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandy’s Parish, and part of the National Museum of Bermuda and Zoo.

At Dolphin Quest, you can also feed and touch dolphins, with seven different programs available, from the Dolphin Dip to the Ultimate Adventure to let you interact with dolphins.

This dolphin display organisation is the only one in the world to be owned and operated by veterinarians. First opened at the Fairmont Southampton Hotel in 1996, the Bermuda centre was relocated in the Dockyard in 1999 after its destruction by hurricane Gert. It is an organisation that puts public education and conservation of marine life at the heart of its activities.

Dolphin Quests has 10 mammals, all named after a place on the Island or something closely related to it. Since 2007, the centre has had 5 births, the 3 first in May and June 2007 after a groundbreaking study on artificial insemination, followed by 2 more in April 2010 through natural breeding with male dolphins.

Discover Dolphins is a 20-minute face-to-face shallow encounter that children from 3 years old can take part in (under 5 years old must be with an adult). Sitting on an underwater platform, you touch and feed the animals and observe their behaviour closely. (*$160 per person)

The Dolphin Dip program is a 30-minute up-close encounter with dolphins, during which you can touch and swim along the mammals. Anyone from 6 years old can participate. (*$210 per person)

The Encounter offers you 45 minutes of shallow and deep water swim with dolphins. Get to know them before following them underwater. (*From age 8 and older, $245 per person)

With the hour-long Ultimate Adventure, you get to observe the dolphins underwater with snorkel masks on before a 45-minute close-up encounter and swim with them. You get to help the trainers pick the activities to make your adventure more personalised. (*From age 5 and older, $310)

If you are really passionate about dolphins and want to spend time looking after them rather than just swimming with them, then you should consider the two trainer’s programs. The Dolphin Trainer Camp and Trainer for a Day programs will provide you with an unforgettable experience of a lifetime.

The Trainer Camp is for children aged from 7 to 12 and takes place over 5 days during which they discover how dolphins are trained, fed and cared for along the centre’s trainers. With dolphin activities, games and sea life crafts, as well as a daily trip to Snorkel Park, this will be an amazing time for any children. (*$355 per weekly session)

Those aged 12 and over can become trainers for a day (5 hours and 30 minutes), following professional trainers and assisting in the mammals’ health exams, training sessions, food preparation and more. (*$650 per person)

With every program, you get free admission to the National Museum of Bermuda where you can learn more about the marine life of the Island.

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