Deliverance In Bermuda

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The Deliverance Bermuda

Are you interested in witnessing Bermuda’s past up close? Then take in a full size rendering of a historical ship, dating back to the 1600s; called Deliverance.

Why not travel to Ordinance Island, near Kings Square, in St George? There you will find a detailed replica of the Deliverance. It was a ship incredibly crafted from the wreckage of another vessel shipwrecked in Bermuda.

The story goes nine ships belonging to the Virginia Company of London departed from Plymouth in England in 1609. They were carrying people and provisions to a British settlement in Jamestown, in Virginia. The flagship of the fleet was the Sea Venture, with Admiral Sir George Somers in command. However, the ships were caught in a storm and The Sea Venture crashed on a reef at Bermuda.

The crew made it out alive but they were stranded, presumed dead. However, they unbelievably managed to construct two new ships. The crew used the wreckage of the Sea Ventures and indigenous cedar trees.  They were christened the Patience and the Deliverance. The next year, 1610, the ships set sail for Virginia. But some of his crew stayed behind to claim the island, which became Bermuda. That is why a replica of the Deliverance is now on display in St George.

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