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Dasiy And Mac Bermuda

Clothes for kids are not what they used to be and fashion has reached them as much as it did adult clothing. They are now more than a necessity, they have become a mean to express the kid’s and its parents’ personality. Long forgotten is the time when kids wore bland clothes because all that they would do would be to soil and wreck them.

Thanks to Daisy & Mac that was voted best kiddie couture boutique in Bermuda, any kid can be turned into a fashion icon and wear stylish clothing. In this shop located on Queen Street, Hamilton, parents can find practically anything they want to dress their children following the last trend. Daisy & Mac offer a choice of over 30 quality brands, some specialised in kids clothes like Baby Bjorn, Baby Banz or Go-Go Babyz, and others being the kid’s branch of famous names such as Diesel, Laura Ashley or Ralph Lauren.

The best kiddie couture place in Bermuda cater for all ages and has items for babies and children from newborns up to 16 years old. More than just a clothes boutique, it is a lifestyle boutique where parents can buy clothes as well as toys, gear, furnishing and accessories for their little one. Of course, everything is in fashion here, and the place is only for trendy babies and children!

What probably helped  Daisy & Mac to be voted the best kiddie couture place 2011 by The Bermudian is the fact that along the items that you would expect to find in any other kids shop, it stocks unique and specialised items. Some examples are colourful hand painted furniture sets or little artisan King & Queen training potty chairs.

The store itself is a like a magical universe, a wonderland full of toys and other accessories like books, puzzles and other developmental toys. Daisy & Mac takes the well-being and education of the children seriously. That’s why they offer a line of wooden, non-toxic and hand crafted toys as well as sensory engaging products that allow babies to develop different skills early. There is also arts and crafts items for school.

The storefront with its hot pink and apple green logo will attract children and mums alike who will be charmed by the shop known in Bermuda as the biggest little store in town. Children will be seduced by the many toys and accessories while parents will remember how it feels to be a kid and taken back to their childhood.

The team at Daisy & Mac do everything they can to assure that you will find up-to-date and fashionable products. They are always travelling the world from a children’s retail trade show to another in search of the most innovative and high quality items. Daisy & Mac is trying to cover all aspects of children’s lifestyle, from elegant French handmade cashmere sweaters for little fashion icons to baby gear aimed at making easier the life of busy and active mums.

Kids need more than just toys and clothes, they deserve the best and there is no reason why they can’t also be looking good. Fashion is not only for adults and the best kiddie couture shop Daisy & Mac proves it!

Daisy & Mac Bermuda – 27 Queen Street, Hamilton, HM11; 295-7477; http://www.daisyandmac.com/

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