Creative Cocktails at Barracuda Grill in Bermuda

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Barracuda Grill Bermuda

These days, many places are trying to pass drinks as cocktails by throwing a paper umbrella in the glass and giving it a fancy name. But those who like cocktails know that it takes more than that to deserve this name and that the best cocktails are the creative ones.

Indeed, a cocktail is as much about its presentation than its taste. It is a festive drink and you want it to make you feel festive when it is brought to your table. There is nothing more depressing than a table full of boring and dull cocktails when you were expecting some sparkles and an explosion of colours!

Bermuda has many great bars and as we and our visitors like to party, many are specialised in cocktails. Amongst them, the Barracuda Grill was voted to have the best creative cocktails in 2011 by the jury of The Bermudian’s Best of Bermuda Awards.

This restaurant located on Burnaby Hill, Hamilton was already reputed for doing the best martini on the island as well as being host to the innovative and creative Bermuda Bellini cocktail, the Kiwitini or the Ruby Slipper. It has a martini menu that features some unique cocktails, some premium martinis and champagne cocktails.

Because the décor is as important as the quality and look of the cocktail, Barracuda Grill adds another dimension to your drinking time. It is certainly one of the most stylish and contemporary looking places in Hamilton since it was redesigned in 2002 (it was formerly known as the Fisherman’s Reef). The lighting design is ultramodern and consists of dozens of designer hanging lamps that make for a more flattering light for everyone. It has mahogany furnitures and etched glass partitions between booths.

The cocktail bar gives the tone of what you can expect with a top made of an amber colour resin and a lighting from beneath creating the perfect ambiance. Other than great creative cocktails, the bar has an extensive selection of wine to be had by the glass. This is a great place to wait for your table and it is recommended to come early as to give you an excuse to sit at the bar.

Barracuda Grill occupies the first floor of a building in downtown Hamilton and it is separated in two dining rooms. Ideal for families as well as couples, it even has a more private corner with only tables for two, providing a perfect setting for romantic dinners.

The food here is an interesting type of international fusion with lunch and dinner menus. You can get great sandwiches for lunch like a filet mignon naan wrap or grilled wahoo fajitas; entrees such as poached lobster fettucini or seared fresh scallops; and a selection of appetizers and desserts.

For dinner, you have a great choice of fresh seafood, with the catch of the day changing depending on what they can get from the local fishermen, and chops and poultry. Some of the favourites are pan seared Bermuda rockfish, grilled local yellowfin tuna, foie gras burger, or Kobe beef.

Desserts are also wonderful and if you can managed some, try the ginger bread toffee pudding, the chocolate banana bread volcano, or the chocolate sampler. It is not only the cocktails that are creative at Barracuda Grill, but also the food, all of it topped by an impeccable service and a friendly atmosphere.

Barracuda Grill in Bermuda – 5 Burnaby Hill, Hamilton, HM BX; (441) 292-1609

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