Clearwater Beach, Bermuda

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Clearwater Beach Bermuda

One of the most northern beaches in Bermuda, Clearwater Beach, is located on the eastern tip of St. David’s Island.

Despite its proximity to the International Airport, the beach is a favourite of local residents and not too well known to the tourists.

Clearwater covers part of the northern coastline of Cooper’s Island and its water is quite shallow, making it ideal for families with children.

Clearwater Beach has the particularity to be a man-made beach, as well as being off the beaten tracks, so you will need to walk for a bit before reaching it. It’s because Cooper’s Island was a restricted area and home to a US Naval Air Station from the mid 1900’s up to 1995. When the base was closed by the United States after 54 years, the Island and the beach were opened to the public in May 1996.

To reach Clearwater Beach, you can either take a local bus or drive there by scooter. If you go for the bus option, you will need to check with the driver that it goes to the beach, or get off at St. David’s Lighthouse and finish the journey by foot. There are also boat excursions that can take you to Cooper’s Island and near the beach.

Unlike many beaches in Bermuda, there is no reefs here but it doesn’t mean you can’t snorkel: the shallow bottom of the ocean is covered in sea grass that makes for interesting exploration. You can also see turtles and conch shells.

It is one of the beaches that has lifeguards on duty during the summer months, another reason why it is appreciated by locals.

From the beach, you can see some small outer islands – part of the Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve – and where many species of birds live. The beach is surrounded by the Clearwater Park, a 36-acre public park with nature trails, children’s playground and even a roller blade rink.

You’ll also find Gombey’s Restaurant and Bar, as well as toilet facilities.

There are a few other beaches on Cooper’s Island next to Clearwater, all picturesque and easily accessible by foot: Turtle Bay, Annie’s Bay, Long Bay, Well Bay, Fort Hill Bay and Soldier Bay.

The Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve and its 12 acres of unspoiled nature isn’t too far either. It has a pond and a salt marsh that you can cross on a boardwalk and see killifish and giant land crabs. The nature trails take you around the reserve to discover introduced plantations as well as Bermuda cedars, olivewoods and palmettos. You can also spot kingfishers, herons, egrets and many more birds that come here to roost.

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