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City Of Hamilton Bermuda

Founded in 1790 and named after the Island’s governor, Henry Hamilton (from 1788 to 1794), whose ancestor was Mary Queen of Scots, Hamilton is rich in history and is most certainly a port to consider if you plan a cruise to Bermuda.

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However, if your ship doesn’t dock at Hamilton, don’t worry – many ferries travel between Hamilton dock and the other Bermuda ports, so you don’t need to miss it.

Hamilton is the only city in Bermuda, and with an area of only 75 hectares, it is one of the world’s smallest capital cities. It is also smaller than the historic town of St George, which is located on the northern tip of the island. Although the number of residents is estimated between 1,500 and 1,800, about 40% of Bermuda working population spends the day in Hamilton, bringing the numbers to around15,000 people.

Roads are busy and you should know that visitors can’t hire a car in Hamilton or anywhere else on the Island. This means rental scooters are the most convenient way to travel around Bermuda and allow you to avoid rush hours and traffic jams. Elbow Beach Cycles are located only a few minutes from Hamilton, or you can use their free collection and drop-off service.

Front Street is the main thoroughfare of the capital, where you can walk between the famous pastel-colored two-storeys houses. Every Wednesday, after 6pm, the street is only accessible to pedestrians and turns into a party with food and drinks stands appearing on the pavement and live music and dancing everywhere. This coincides with the arrival of most cruise ships in Bermuda docks and puts everyone in the holiday spirit straight away!

Hamilton City Hall Bermuda

Hamilton City Hall Bermuda

Front Street is at the heart of Hamilton’s shopping district, where you can find authentic porcelain and cashmere at great prices – much like in the rest of the island. Nearby is the famous ‘Bird Cage’, a kiosk from where police officers wearing the famous Bermuda shorts are directing the traffic. There are many things to see in Hamilton, such as the beautiful City Hall building, the Victoria Park –  created at the occasion of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee at the end of the 19th century – the Anglican Bermuda Cathedral, Fort Hamilton and Point Pleasant.

Since Bermuda is an island, it is worth stopping by the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, one of Bermuda’s newest attractions and the world’s first scientific institution to focus exclusively on deep-water exploration. Bermuda’s finest pink sand beaches are only a short stroll from Hamilton and there is a golf course too.

Bermuda Gold Cup Yacht Race

Water sports such as jet-skiing, surfing, diving and sailing are a must near Hamilton, which hosts the Bermuda Gold Cup (also known as the Argo Group Gold Cup), a 5-day sailing event part of the World Match Racing Tour.

Next time you here, don’t forget to put Hamilton on your places-to-see list – you will not be disappointed!

Scooter Rental in Hamilton Bermuda

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