Church Bay Beach, Southampton, Bermuda

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Church Bay Beach Southampton Bermuda

For snorkelers around the world, Bermuda is one of the best, if not the best destination. For the locals, Church Bay Beach, in the parish of Southampton, is the best place in Bermuda according to many!

The main reason is that here, the reefs are very close to the shore, sometimes as close as 50 meters.

It is a rocky area as much on the beach than in the sea where stands a rock locally known as the Poodle Rock. Overall, there are amazing cup reefs and boiler reefs to be found in the waters of Church Bay Beach but it isn’t a place for the coral reefs of Bermuda. However, the numerous nooks and crannies of the bay make for a very interesting snorkelling indeed.

For most of the time, the water in the bay is very calm due to the protection offered by the reefs against the movement of the ocean. This can change during adverse weather and it is always a good idea to ask about it to the locals. The combination of the barrier formed by the reefs and the shallow areas results in some kind of natural aquariums rich in marine life and colourful fish.

Located in Church Bay Park and off South Road, Church Bay Beach is easily accessible by the number 7 bus (about 15 minutes from King’s Wharf) which stops at a car park at the top of the beach. A steep path takes you straight to the beach from there. Of course – you can’t beat a scooter rental hire from Elbow Beach Cycles to give you the full freedom to explore the beach and surrounding area!

It is probably not the best place for sunbathing because of the small size of the beach and the rocks, but it is still covered with a wonderful pink sand and is usually more quiet than the other beaches of the south shore.

Whether you snorkel or just swim, be aware of the Portuguese Man O’War that can be washed up on the beach at the beginning of the season, mostly in May. There aren’t any lifeguards on duty on the beach and snorkellers and swimmers are advised to be careful, especially with children that can be surprised by the random variations in the water depth due to the rocky seabed. So take care – though that should be obvious advice visiting any beach on holiday!

A Trip Advisor member has voted it to be the:

“best snorkelling beach in Bermuda”,

and another describes it as the:

“Most amazing place to find sea glass and snorkel!”

There aren’t many facilities in Church Bay Beach but there are some small toilets at the top of the hill on the way to the beach, some picnic tables and rest rooms. You will also find a stall that rents masks and snorkels, fins, snorkelling vests, as well as beach chairs and umbrellas. It doubles as a food concession.

This is definitely a beach you should stop by if you are a snorkelling fan or want to have a different experience than the more crowded tourist Bermuda beaches!

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