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Bermuda and music goes hand-in-hand and it is a favourite way of the inhabitants of the island to express them. Whether you like to listen to it, make it or just take part in a live performance, there are many places on the island where you can go.

The weekend nights are the best time for the creative ones and those who like to hear them, and pubs and bars usually feature live bands and open-mic events.

Amongst all the places where you can listen or participate into live music events, The Bermudian has given the Best of Bermuda Award 2011 for the place to hear live music to Chestwick. This place which full name is the Chewstick Neo-Griot Lounge, it the place where the Chewstick Neo-Griot Movement hold its musical events.

This movement was created in 2002 with the prime purpose of breaking down barriers and giving everybody a way to express themselves. What started as a single event put on by seven life-long friends to share their artistic talents has become a phenomenon and a regular event. The Chewstick Loung hosts one of the most famous open-mic jam sessions in Bermuda.

It is one of the popular events put in place by the movement in its lounge located in Hamilton.Every Sunday during the summer months, and every other Sunday during the winter, from 8pm to midnight, everyone is welcome to sing, rap, play music, read poetry, dance or perform any type of art. The own Chewstick band backs those who need music. It is one of the most eclectic and diverse event and is a true reflection of Bermuda’s diversity.

The name of the movement comes from the Bermudian word griot that means storyteller and because the founders considered they belong to the griot family. But more than storytelling, the movement has the ambition to be a creative, spiritual and uplifting collective with a focus of the exploration and refinement of the human expression.

For everyone who has something to say, in whatever form it is said, the Chewstick Neo-Griot Movement is the best channel to do so. It has allowed the development of a rather large family of artists as well as socially conscious people. The movement has also created the Beachfest Emancipation Celebration, a music festival developed as an alternative to the lack of activities for the island’s youth during Match Cup day. It followed the spontaneous meeting of young people on the Horseshoe Bay Beach during the Emancipation weekend and is now the most important event organised by the Chewstick Movement.

From 2006, the Chestick Movement became to think that it needed a structure to support it as well. This is a way to extend its influence. After researching every way to do it, the founders chose to create the Chewstick Foundation, a registered charity, in 2009. The foundation organises programs within the community such as T.W.I.G.S., the youth open-mic jam session; or the Chew FC, a Sunday morning sports program.

The Chewstick Neo-Griot Movement is more than just an open-mic session but the music and the human expression is at the heart of its work. Nights at the Chewstick Neo-Griot Lounge are definitely the best for live music in Bermuda.

Chewstick, Bermuda – 28 Elliot Street, at Court Street, Hamilton, HM11; (441) 292-2439

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