A collection of some of the wonderful spas in Bermuda

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COHA Clinic of Complimentary Medicine in Bermuda

For a treatments of a more holistic bend, be sure to check out the COHA clinic of complimentary medicine in Bermuda, run by Sifu Dr Reginald Cann. The clinic has an extensive menu of alternative medicine therapies from acupuncture, remedial massage, detox foot baths, tonic herbs as well as lifestyle programs to address everything from weight loss, sleep issues, […]

Gillian's Clinic Voted Best Place For a Manicure & Pedicure in Bermuda!

Life in Bermuda might seem to visitors as all fun and laid back, and that’s true that the sun, the amazing beaches and the beautiful water make everything easier. But even we, once in a while, need to be looked after and what’s better than a having your feet and hands taken care of.

Mandarin Oriental Spa At Elbow Beach, Bermuda

Would you like to get away from it all at a relaxing spa in Bermuda? Then take a trip to the luxury Mandarin Oriental Spa at Elbow Beach.

Three Graces Day Spa, Serenity, Southampton

When you are on vacation, it should be all about you, you and you. After all, you deserve being taking care off after all this hard work and what’s better than spending time in one of the wonderful Bermuda’s spas.