Credit card burning a hole in your pocket? Then Bermuda is the place to let it sizzle. So many fabulous shops and world-class spas to choose from.

With US dollars and Bermudian dollars virtually interchangeable, this is the island for those who believe retailing should be a contact sport. If shopping fires you with a surge of adrenalin, you’ll need a spa treatment to bring you down again. In Bermuda, shops and spas are the uppers and downers of a mid-Atlantic vacation paradise.

Lovers of handbags and owners of the sexiest luggage in any hotel lobby make for Louis Vuitton on Front Street. Those who like sultry Italian elegance choose Max Mara, also on Front Street. One row further back (Reid Street), Stefanel beckons. The look here is fun and funky.

For fine jewellery and exquisite timepieces from Omega, Cartier, Tag Heuer, and Patek Phillipe at discount prices (up to 30% off US prices), try Astwood Dickinson. But if it’s local gifts and crafts you’re looking for, nowhere has a more colourful collection of Bermudiana than The Island Shop on Queen Street.

At last, when your feet ache and your arms droop under the weight of all that shopping, it’s time for the luxury spa suites at the Mandarin Oriental, Elbow Beach. Each of these personal havens of tranquility has its own ocean view. And for well being that reaches deep into your soul, only COHA (Cann’s Oriental Healing Arts) in Happy Valley Road will do.

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Fresh Local Fish at Miles Market in Bermuda

If there is one product that you can expect to be amazingly fresh and local in Bermuda it is fish. With an impressive number of species of fish swimming around the island in the Atlantic Ocean’s waters, Bermuda is undoubtedly a great place to eat fresh seafood.

Flowers By GiMi: The Best Fresh Flowers In Bermuda!

With a climate such as the one of Bermuda, it is easy to grow the best flowers, especially the tropical ones.But it doesn’t necessarily mean that all florists will be the same and will all have fresh flowers, or at least the best.

Great Gifts At Otto Wurz in Bermuda!

There are always an occasion for which you need to find a gift and sometimes you want to be original without having to spend a fortune. Or you just need a little something to show someone you think about them, congratulate them for something they have done or even for no reasons, just to be […]

All Wrapped Up Home, Bermuda

Whatever the size of your home and whether it is a house or a flat, giving it a bit of decoration makes all the difference between it just being four walls and a roof above your head and a place where you can relax and like to be.

The Best Fresh Breads And Pastries at Dangelini's, Bermuda

When the time has come to leave your home and get to work or anywhere else you have to be, there is a compulsory stop on the way, somewhere with good coffee and something sweet to eat! Well, there are many of these places on the island but the best fresh breads and pastries can […]

The Music Box, Voted The Best Music Store In Bermuda!

If you have ever been to Bermuda, you will surely have noticed that music has a special place in our hearts and our culture.

Bag A Deal At City Market of Bermuda (Hamilton)

From November 1st to June 30th, the market held in Hamilton, Bermuda, is a little more than just a place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables!

Robertson's Drug Store, the best pharmacy in Bermuda!

In Bermuda, we are like anyone else and sometimes we got ill. Not many often because of the cold, we are lucky enough to have a clement climate, not too hot and not really cold!

Down to Earth, Bermuda • Noted For Friendly Customer Service!

There are not many of these places where everything is great, from the products and their benefits, to the location, the staff and the philosophy behind the place. Well, luckily for us and all those who come to visit our island, Bermuda has just the place! It is called Down to Earth and was found […]

Trends Bermuda • The Best Shoe Shop in Bermuda

Even if Bermuda is an idyllic destination and home to some of the best beaches of soft pink sand, you still need some shoes to walk in most places!

Lusso Bermuda • Award Winning Luxury Handbags in Bermuda

There is more to a handbag than giving you the opportunity to carry all your essential things with you. After all, if you are going to take a bag with you all day, you might as well have one that complete your outfit. Like shoes and jewellery, the handbag is a proper accessory and you […]

French Connection Bermuda For Fashion-Forward Finds

Bermuda might be a small island lost in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, it certainly doesn’t mean that it is isolated from the rest of the world.

Dazzling Diamonds are at Crisson Jewellers Bermuda

Bermuda is known for two main things, its splendid beaches covered of pink sand and its luxurious lifestyle. Hotels and resorts are not the only examples of the quality and richness of Bermuda, there is also a famous and world-wide recognised jeweller on the island. Crisson Jewellers is the first choice for locals and visitors […]

Find Bermuda's Best Hats at Genora Divas Boutique

Fashion is very important in Bermudians life and only at the beach are you expected to wear nothing but a bathsuit. As soon as you step up in a town, the etiquette wants that you wear appropriate clothing. This is what makes Bermuda so different from the Caribbean islands and a  much more pleasant place […]

Daisy & Mac Bermuda • The Best Kiddie Couture

Clothes for kids are not what they used to be and fashion has reached them as much as it did adult clothing. They are now more than a necessity, they have become a mean to express the kid’s and its parents’ personality. Long forgotten is the time when kids wore bland clothes because all that […]

Island Shop Bermuda • For The Best Gifts!

There is one tradition that many of us indulge in when it comes to holidays, the buying of gifts for ourselves and our friends and family.

AS Cooper & Sons Bermuda • Trendy For Teens + More!

It was a time when fashion was only accessible to the rich and famous and when the rest of us had to watch them in television and magazine, dreaming we could wear something a bit like their clothes and accessories. Fortunately, it has become easy for everyone now to wear fashionable  clothes and Bermuda is […]

Gibbons Company Bermuda • The Best Men's Business Casual Wear

A delight for the tourists who have no worries about the way they look, the great Bermuda weather can be the cause of a few difficulties for those who live here and like to look good. It is even harder for business men who have to work when the sun and the temperatures are high […]

Atelerie • Best Accessories in Bermuda

Bermuda is a place with many amazing places unknown from the tourists and kept secret by the locals. But we not only talking of beaches here, because one of these places is a shop that was awarded for having the best accessories on the island. Atelerie boutique is unique in its style, very different from […]

Perry Footwear Bermuda • Bringing Designer Shoes To Bermuda

There are many accessories in women’s fashion, all without which an outfit would not be complete. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, hair pieces, hats, belts are important parts of a woman’s wardrobe but none of them as much as shoes. Shoes are without doubt the basics of anyone’s wardrobe and essentials to any fashionista!

Front Street Shopping in Bermuda

Would you like to visit the central spot of the capital of Bermuda? Then why not head on down to Front Street?

Shopping in Bermuda

There are many different fantastic shopping outlets in Bermuda. They range from the grandest department store to small, intimate convenience stores. No matter what you are looking for, you will find the perfect shopping experience on the island. If you wish to purchase the finest clothes, jewellery, perfume or gifts for the family, then you […]