Sometimes it seems as if Bermuda never sleeps. On this party-mad island, it’s perfectly acceptable to dance till dawn, then doze in a shady hammock till it’s time for lunch.

If you can tear yourself away from our diamond-studded night skies, Bermuda offers a world of star-studded clubbing. In some, the beat and the sweat are relentless; others offer a more laid-back vibe oiled by jazz, conversation, and the zingiest cocktails anywhere between London and New York. Want to meet the locals at their most uninhibited? Grab a pair of sharp shoes, a vibrant splash of lipstick, and head for the clubs.

When we’re off-duty, we dive into The Deep at Elbow Beach. It’s fun, funky, and thronging with life. To see Bermuda’s trendiest set at play, try Opus, a sexy urban retreat in the heart of Hamilton. The beat is slower at Shine’s, a live venue owned by one of our leading musicians, Wendell ‘Shine’ Hayward. Shine’s attracts the power elite who dance to a distinctly Bermudian rhythm.

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[+] Nightlife

The Captain’s Sports Bar and Grill Hamilton, In Bermuda

If you are a sports fan looking for the perfect place to cheer on your team in Bermuda, then head for the Captain’s Sports Bar and Grill. The premises, formerly known as the Captain’s Lounge, is located on Reid Street in Hamilton.

The Dog House Bar and Restaurant Hamilton, In Bermuda

The Dog House Restaurant and Bar is a laid back watering hole in Front Street, in Hamilton. This is a site where you will always find a party. It is notable for being one of the most extensive, far reaching bars in Bermuda.

The Cellar In Southampton Parish, Bermuda

The Cellar is regarded among the most prominent nightclubs on the island of Bermuda. It is to be found in the Fairmont Southampton Resort in Southampton Parish.

Margarita's Grill In Hamilton, Bermuda

What could be a more perfect bar to visit in Bermuda than a place named after a cocktail? When looking for a night out in Hamilton, there couldn’t be a more apt location than the marvellous Margarita’s Grill. It is the happening new bar to go to on Bermudian Road.

The Cosmopolitan Nightclub In Hamilton, Bermuda

If there ever was a club so well named, it was the Cosmopolitan Nightclub in the City of Hamilton. It is among the most recent and busiest nightspots in Bermuda. This exciting club in Front Street, incorporating both the indoors and the outdoors, has won universal acclaim. It has been named one of the leading […]

Club Minaj In St. George’s, Bermuda

It seems everybody is talking about the superhot hip-hop sensation Nicki Minaj. Well there is a bar and nightclub on the eastern side of Bermuda which shares her name and is just as hot. This brand new club is situated on Water Street, in the heart of St. Georges. It is called Club Minaj and […]

Level Nightclub Hamilton

If you’re looking for a great night out in Hamilton, where better to go than the latest popular club to pop-up in town, Level Nightclub?

Casey’s Bar Hamilton

Hang out with locals and get down with the beat at Casey’s, one of Bermuda’s best and often-overlooked bars and clubs.

Hubie’s Bar Hamilton (Closed until further notice)

HUBIES closed until further notice! Hubie’s Bar in Bermuda has been around for many years, entertaining people who love music and providing a home for many, many, talented musicians.

The Spinning Wheel Hamilton

If you’re looking for a great night out with live music, tasty drinks and unbeatable company, then the Spinning Wheel in Hamilton is the night spot for you.

The Pickled Onion Hamilton

The Pickled Onion is one of Bermuda’s most celebrated restaurants and bars and a must visit for fine dining and a great night out in Hamilton.

Frog And Onion Pub Hamilton

The perfect place for a pint in Bermuda is the Frog and Onion Pub in Sandy’s – an old cooperage and a victuallers which is ideally located for a refreshing break from shopping or sightseeing at the Royal Naval Dockyard.

Docksiders Pub Hamilton

If you’re looking for a fun night out in Bermuda, then Docksiders pub in Hamilton is the place to go!

Robin Hood Pub Hamilton

If you like beer, beer and more beer, or if you just like orange juice and a great atmosphere, then the Robin Hood pub in Hamilton is your perfect match.

Chewstick, The Best Place For Live Music in Bermuda!

Bermuda and music goes hand-in-hand and it is a favourite way of the inhabitants of the island to express them. Whether you like to listen to it, make it or just take part in a live performance, there are many places on the island where you can go.

Creative Cocktails at Barracuda Grill in Bermuda

These days, many places are trying to pass drinks as cocktails by throwing a paper umbrella in the glass and giving it a fancy name. But those who like cocktails know that it takes more than that to deserve this name and that the best cocktails are the creative ones.

Café Ten Voted The Coolest Café in Bermuda

There is probably a lot of places in Bermuda which call themselves cool, when most of the time they are just trendy or too cool. Because indeed being cool takes a lot of effort, but too much effort is actually uncool! Yes, being cool requires a subtle balance between doing too much and not enough.

Café Cairo, Voted The Best Pick-Up Bar in Bermuda!

Bermuda is not just a pretty island with pink sand beaches and luxurious resorts where couples come for some well-earned vacations or wonderful honeymoons. Nor is it just for golfers travelling from all around the world for the privilege to play on some of the best courses on the planet in some of the best […]

Friday Night Happy Hour in Bermuda at Harry's

Yes! It’s Friday! It’s Friday happy hour at Harry’s!

Discreet Rendezvous at the Pompano Beach Club Bermuda

Bermuda is not a very big island and unless you go in the middle of the Ocean or somewhere very difficult to access, you will find it hard to be alone with someone.

Tom Moore's Tavern is Bermuda's Best Reception Location

The reception plays an important part in a wedding and the choice of the location is not something to overlook. Bermuda is a first choice destination for weddings and there are many venues to choose from, whether you are looking for something classy, luxurious, uncommon or unforgettable.

Café 4 Bermuda • Voted The Best People-watching Perch in Bermuda

Everywhere in the world, at least where the weather permits it, people-watching is a pastime that is best practised at the outdoor terrace of a café.

Opus Cafe & Lounge In Hamilton, Bermuda

Are you visiting Bermuda on holiday or business? How would you like to hang out in a hip, sexy coffee shop in Hamilton? Then pull up a stool at the one and only Opus Café & Lounge.

The Deep Night Club And Lounge Bermuda

The Deep Lounge and Club is a cool, chilled out nightspot at Elbow Beach in Bermuda. Known for its spectacular interior, it’s where tourists go to enjoy an awesome atmosphere and have a delicious cocktail.

Visit the Swizzle – The Oldest, Best Known Pub in Bermuda

Feel like wetting your whistle on holiday in Bermuda? Then why not pull up a stool in the longest running and most widely known pub on the island?

Bermuda Nightlife & Night Clubs Make For A Great Night Out!

Bermuda is not only a top destination for honeymooners in search of a romantic and quiet location, families looking for a child-friendly vacation or golfers attracted by challenging courses. To some, it might seems like a boring place, lacking of the festive spirit of the neighbouring Caribbean. But they’d be wrong!

Light Nightclub Bermuda

Located inside The Whitehorse in St. George’s, Light nightclub is a must for all party-goers during weeknights in Bermuda.