Dining Out

We’re a cosmopolitan island in the midst of an ocean of fresh ingredients. With so many historical and cultural influences to draw on, our cuisine really is the pick of the best.

Bermudians are supremely well-travelled. They bring back optimism, innovation, and the culinary influences of five continents. Here, in just 21 square miles, you’ll find all the food you could wish for and all the time you need to enjoy it. Ours is an island where meal times are for laughter and conversation, and food is for enjoying long and slow.

One of Mrs T’s favourite restaurants is right on our doorstep. Micky’s Bistro On The Beach combines her love of good food, casual elegance and breathtaking ocean views. For a romantic meal for two, Blackbeard’s Hideout on Bermuda’s most northern tip is the place to watch the sun go down. Reservations are highly recommended all round.

For Bermuda’s legendary seafood, head straight for the Lobster Pot in Hamilton. Only the finest fresh ingredients make it into this gourmet kitchen.

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A Great Sandwich At Hickory Stick in Bermuda!

A sandwich might be a common item for lunch these days, but there is a normal and somehow dull sandwich and there is a sandwich from Hickory Stick in Bermuda!

Afternoon Tea At Heritage Court In The Hamilton Princess

Are you a tea lover? Are you on the hunt for the most refreshing cup of brew in Bermuda? Then why not take Afternoon Tea in the amazing Heritage Court?

Art Mel's Spicy Dicy Bermuda • Forever The Best Fish Sandwich!

The best things in the world are possibly the ones that many don’t know about or that are hard to find. That is the case for Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy, a small take-away shop secretly tucked away in the backstreets of Pembroke and uncontested winner years after years of the best fish sandwich award.

Bailey's Ice Cream In Bermuda

The Bailey’s Ice Cream restaurant in Bermuda is more than just an ice cream parlour. This outlet at 2 Blue Hole Hill in Hamilton, near Grotto Bay resort, boasts the greatest ice creams on the island.

Beau Rivage In Paget Parish, Bermuda

If you are a lover of French food, then book yourself a table at Beau Rivage in Paget parish. This is an extraordinary eatery in the Newstead Hotel.

Bermy Cuisine In Hamilton, Bermuda

Bermy Cuisine is a seafood, sandwich and burger bar situated on Serpentine Road, in Hamilton parish.

Bistro J, In Bermuda

The restaurant has been presented the Best Decadent Desert Award from the prodigious Bermudian magazine. These compact, close knit premises seat about 40 people, with its menu written on a chalkboard.

The Best Local Food in Bermuda At The Black Horse Tavern!

Whatever country you are in, as a visitor or a resident, eating local and traditional is always attractive!

Blackbeard's Hideout In Bermuda

There is a blistering bistro in Bermuda which is sure to buckle your swash. If searching for a treasure trove of fine pirate cooking, then go find Blackbeard’s Hideout.

Blu Bar & Grill, in Bermuda

The brilliant Blu Bar & Grill is one of the most bustling, spots in Bermuda.  These prize winning premises are found in the parish of Warwick.

Bolero Brasserie, In Bermuda

Bolero Brasserie is a family run restaurant in the City of Hamilton in Bermuda. This is a place you can really make a song and dance about.

Bone Fish Bar And Grill Restaurant, In Bermuda

The Bone Fish Bar & Grill is a hot new restaurant in Dockyard, close to the Ferry Terminal. It is a blistering island bistro, breathing in the brisk Great Sound. This is the place to go eat when you first arrive at Bermuda.

Bouchée Bermuda – Voted The Best Codfish Breakfast In Bermuda!

If there is a dish that pretty much anyone in Bermuda can do, it is a codfish breakfast! But at Elbow Beach Cycles, we like to keep our customers up-to-date with where is the BEST!

Buzz Restaurant, In Bermuda

Have you heard the buzz about the exciting café and restaurant franchise spreading up across Bermuda? If going shopping has built up your appetite, then you could walk up to the brilliant Buzz Restaurant.

Cafe Amici, In Bermuda

If you love bella Italian food, then there’s an eatery at the Royal Naval Dockyard which is right up your piazza. It is in the Clocktower Mall, and serves a classic taste of Italy in Bermuda and it is called Cafe Amici.

Cafe Cairo, In Bermuda

Are you in the mood for mystery? You will feel like you have been transported to the sands of Egypt, when going out for a meal at Café Cairo. This is the restaurant and bar with the look and feel of Egypt, in the City of Hamilton.

Cafe Coco, In Bermuda

There is a wonderful restaurant found in a hotel, on South Shore Road. It is just outside Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital city. You will have an evening to remember at Café Coco, a part of the popular Coco Reef Resort in Paget.

Chopsticks, In Bermuda

If you wish to pick up the greatest Chinese and Thai food in Bermuda, then you should choose Chopsticks. When looking for the most exciting choice of oriental cuisine, call on the masters.

Coconut Restaurant Hamilton

With Coconut Restaurant and Yashi Sushi Bar, you get twice the fun and twice the choice and it’s all next door to each other in downtown Hamilton.

Dorothy's Coffee Shop • Bermuda's Best Hamburger!

Burgers are high up on the list of anyone looking for a bite to eat or a great culinary experience. There is many good burger places in Bermuda and every year the battle for the best hamburger award is fierce. Despite the amazing concurrence, Dorothy’s Coffee Shop keeps on winning!

East Meets West Restaurant, In Bermuda

East Meets West is an exciting Hamilton restaurant, presenting authentic cuisine from around the globe, for excellent value for money. This eatery is an exhilarating mixture of restaurant, bistro and take away spot all at once. East Meets West has cooking from different nations, united in bringing the best bill of fare. The establishment in […]

Fine Dining and Victorian Charm At Ascot's, Bermuda

If great food and service are important factors in the quality of a restaurant, there is no denying that the ambiance is what makes it come all together.

Flying Fish Restaurant, In Bermuda

Flying Fish is a popular Bermuda restaurant with an impressive bill of fare. They include the finest fresh fish, meat dishes and local cuisine.

Fourways Inn Restaurant, Paget, In Bermuda

The Fourways restaurant has been known for its warm, cordial welcome since its opening. This beautiful Bermuda eatery dates back to 1727. It is revered for its fabulous cooked meals and fully stocked wine cellar.

Get The Best Pizza In Bermuda At Jasmine Lounge

Any restaurant or establishment that wins an award is considered like a quality place and rightly so. Imagine then a place that after winning the award of the Best Hotel Restaurant gets the award for the Best Pizza.

Gombeys Restaurant & Bar In St Georges, Bermuda

Are you taking a trip to the beautiful Clearwater Beach, at St. David’s, on the South side of the island? You could perhaps stop for a bite to eat at the glorious Gombeys Restaurant.

Griffin's Bistro and Bar, In Bermuda

When visiting Bermuda, you could stop in at the comfortable little restaurant in St Georges Club called Griffin’s Bistro and Bar. This humble, welcoming diner is located in the east end of the island.

Looking for Sushi? Dine at Harbourfront Restaurant in Bermuda

With the many delicious species of fish swimming about at the large of Bermuda, it is no wonder that sushi are popular on the island. The competition for the best sushi is therefore always rich in contenders and this year, it is the Harbourfront Restaurant that take the first place as it did in 2009.

Harleys Restaurant, In Bermuda

If you would like to go eat outside in a cool breeze on the terrace, then hot foot it to Harleys. This is the restaurant situated at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess hotel, in Pembroke Parish, Bermuda.

Have The Finest French Food In Bermuda At Bouchée

Are you a fan of fabulous French food?  Do you crave the cooking of the Croisette when visiting the Caribbean? Well there is a restaurant in Bermuda which always brings you the best.

Homer’s Café, In Bermuda

Do you want to try some fine cuisine, taken to an art form, then have a bite at Homer’s Café. This is the in-house café of the Masterworks’ museum, in the beautiful Botanical Gardens.

Horizons and Cottages, In Bermuda

If you wish to breath in the history of Bermuda, while eating in beautiful surroundings, then visit Horizons and Cottages. This is one of the most tranquil, long standing plantations on the island.

House of India, The Tastiest Take-out In Bermuda!

There are days when we don’t feel like cooking but would still like to eat at home and not out. Of course, depending on your taste and what you want to eat, there will be many places you can go to get your take-out meal.

Island Cuisine, In Bermuda

If you are looking for the perfect place to take the brood to dinner in Bermuda, then head for Island Cuisine. This is the spot to have the finest in healthy regional cooking on the island.

Jamaican Grill, In Bermuda

If searching for the finest Jamaican and West Indian cuisine in Bermuda, then you don’t have to look very far. You will experience a carnival of Caribbean food at the jumping Jamaican Grill.

Juice and Beans, In Bermuda

If looking for a refreshing change when dining in Bermuda, then jump to Juice and Beans. It is a hot vegetarian restaurant on Front Street, Hamilton.

Voted Best Kid Friendly Dinner At La Trattoria Restaurant, Bermuda

Taking your kids to the restaurant is not always an easy task!

The Landfall Restaurant In Hamilton, Bermuda

The Landfall Restaurant is a feature of the popular cottage colony known as the Clear View Suites & Villas. This highly regarded 30 room destination is positioned on the North Shore, between St George and Hamilton.

Lemon Tree Takeout Deli Voted Best In Bermuda

Unless you are lucky to get as much time as you want for lunch, most of us have to do with an hour to get somewhere, order, get our food served, eat, pay and go back to work. Sandwiches are practical and easy to eat, but let’s be honest, having them everyday is a bit […]

Little Venice, In Bermuda

Little Venice is a long running Italian restaurant in Bermuda. It has been serving some of the finest food and drink for decades.

L'Oriental, In Bermuda

There is a gloriously appointed Chinese restaurant in Hamilton in Bermuda which is considered amongst the cornerstone of Asian cuisine. This is the widely admired dinner spot known as L’Oriental.

Mad Hatters, In Bermuda

Mad Hatters is a top rated restaurant in Hamilton, Bermudas capital city. It is renowned for its widespread menu, taking in traditional European fare, with a Thai/North-American flavour.

Mad Hatters Voted Best For Birthday Celebrations in Bermuda!

Celebrating a birthday is a very important part of our lives and it is something that we want to remember for the good reasons.

Maria's Ristorante, In Bermuda, Formerly Fresco's

Diners will be transported to another world when eating at Maria’s Ristorante, also known as Fresco’s Restaurant & Wine Bar. These are the premises on Front Street, in the City of Hamilton, which have been called “a visual masterpiece”.

Mickey’s Beach Bistro & Bar At Elbow Beach, Bermuda

You don’t have to comb around Bermuda looking for the hottest spot to eat. Just take a walk to Mickey’s Beach Bistro & Bar at Elbow Beach.

Mrs. Tea's Victorian Tearoom, In Bermuda

When on the lookout for something a little different when dining in Bermuda, then how about having a cuppa at Mrs. Tea’s Victorian Tearoom?

Muse, In Bermuda

Are you inspired to try the most mouth watering French and Bermudian cooking? Then head for that exciting new restaurant called Muse.

New Traditions Restaurant, In Bermuda

Are you looking for classical island cooking with a new twist? There is an eatery on Sandy’s Parish that’s ideal for all the family. When searching for prime Bermuda cooking, look no further than New Traditions Restaurant.

North Shore Cafe In Smith’s Parish, Bermuda

If stopping at Terceira’s North Shore service station on North Shore Road, in Smith’s parish, or just passing by, you could have something to eat or drink at the North Shore Cafe.

North Shore Cafe In Smith's Parish, Bermuda

If stopping at Terceira’s North Shore service station on North Shore Road, in Smith’s parish, or just passing by, you could have something to eat or drink at the North Shore Cafe.

Ocean Echo, The Reefs In Bermuda

The Ocean Echo is a famous, award winning restaurant in Bermuda. The eatery is found at The Reefs hotel and resort in Southampton. It is known for its curving wall and large windows providing amazing ocean vista, looking onto an impressive south shore backdrop.

Paraquet Restaurant, In Bermuda

There is a restaurant in Paget Parish, in Bermuda which is sure to ruffle some feathers. It is a family establishment resembling a 50’s coffee shop from the US and has been wowing locals and holidaymakers for decades.

Polaris at the Carriage House, In Bermuda

The Polaris Restaurant At Carriage House is a thrilling new bistro in St. George, Bermuda. It has taken the place of the classic Carriage House Restaurant, which stood since 1970.

Port O Call, In Bermuda

Port O Call is a cosy informal restaurant in the city of Hamilton. It is amongst the most frequented places for lunch and dinner in Bermuda.

Portofino Restaurant, In Bermuda

Romance is the life blood of this beautiful Italian restaurant. It was created over twenty years ago by Cesare Maranzana as a love letter to his wife. He set out to open an establishment in Bermuda modelled after his birth place in Italy.

Robin Hood Pub And Restaurant, In Bermuda

If you go down to Hamilton City today you are sure of a big surprise. There is a legendary restaurant in Bermuda where you can dine and make merry at a steal. It is the well loved Robin Hood Pub And Sports Bar.

Rock Island Coffee Bermuda • Home of the Best Cup of Java

For coffee lovers and those who need something to boost them in the morning, the award of the best cup of java is the most important of all the Best of Bermuda awards attributed each year by The Bermudian.

Romance At Lido Restaurant at Elbow Beach Hotel in Bermuda

When it comes to romance, Bermuda is the most perfect setting you could ever find.

Rosa’s Cantina, In Bermuda

Do you love fine food from the Rio Grande, like a cowboy from the old West? Then mosey on down to Rosa’s Cantina. This is the solitary restaurant serving Tex-Mex cooking in Bermuda.

Rustico Restaurant and Pizzeria Bermuda • The Best Pizza Is Still Italian

Rustico Restaurant & Pizzeria, In Bermuda

If you are searching for the greatest seafood in Bermuda, then book yourself a table at Rustico Restaurant & Pizzeria.

First Class Al Fresco Meals At Sea Breeze Restaurant in Elbow Beach Hotel

If there is a place in the world where you can have an al fresco meal without being too cold it surely is in Bermuda!

CLOSED – Silk Restaurant Thai Cuisine, In Bermuda

****PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE BEEN INFORMED SILK IS CLOSED**** Do you hanker for tantalising cooking from Thailand, then come to a restaurant that’s as smooth as silk? Patrons can try the finest food from Indochina in South East Asia, in Bermuda.

Smoking Barrels, In Bermuda

There is a one of a kind dining experience in Bermuda, moving forward with both barrels. This is an incredible bistro on wheels called Smoking Barrels. It is going great guns to bring residents and tourists the finest island or Caribbean food.

Somerset Country Squire Restaurant and Pub, In Bermuda

There is a distinguished combined bar and eatery looking out at the Mangrove Bay in Bermuda, which is a big hit with residents and holiday makers equally.

Sunday Brunch at The Reefs in Bermuda Voted Best

As a British overseas territory, Bermuda has a few traditions that are typically inherited from Great Britain such as a love for golf and cricket. The Sunday brunch is another one of them shared by the majority of the island’s residents.

Sung Sing In St. George's, Bermuda

Sung Sing is an intimate Chinese restaurant in York Street, in St. George’s parish. This compact eatery is one of a chain, offering patrons a varied selection of Asian cooking, taking in Chinese and Mongolian influences, at a value rate.

Tavern By The Sea, In Bermuda

If you feel like having a drink by the water’s edge in Bermuda, then take a jaunt to the Tavern By The Sea. This fantastic restaurant situated in St. George, at the east side of the island. It is the terrific eatery looks out at the local harbour, visited by thousands of tourists every year. […]

TEN Cafe & Bistro, In Bermuda

TEN Cafe & Bistro is a hot new restaurant just opened, in a hi tech residential building in Bermuda’s capital city. This stylish but informal Hamilton café always scores ten out of ten for its menu.

The Bayside Terrace, In Bermuda

The Bayside Terrace is a breathtaking outdoor bistro. It lets guests can sit outside in the fresh air and try the beautiful food on offer. This one of a kind establishment is a fantastic feature of the illustrious Grotto Bay Beach Resort. It is situated in the picturesque parish of Hamilton. Where the guests often […]

The Beluga Bar In Hamilton, Bermuda

The Beluga Bar is a beautifully designed sushi restaurant, situated in the Washington Mall in Hamilton. It is an exceptional Japanese eatery, in a cutting edge 21st Century style.

The Bermuda Bistro at the Beach

The Bermuda Bistro at the Beach is a busy bar and restaurant on Front Street, in Hamilton, Bermuda. This is the place where the party never stops, day or night. The reasonably priced eatery always sends you off with a smile on your face.

The Best Fish Chowder in Bermuda At The Lobster Pot!

Anyone stepping foot in Bermuda, even if it is for a few hours, has to taste the fish chowder, the most traditional dish of the island!

Voted Best Sushi in Bermuda: Pearl Restaurant

There are so many species of fresh fish available in Bermuda that it is hardly a surprise to find so many sushi restaurants on the island.

The Coral Beach and Tennis Club, In Bermuda

You will feel like a champion, relaxing in style at the Coral Beach and Tennis Club in Bermuda. This is one of the best places to stay and dine at, when visiting this holiday island. It is always a smash.

The Dining Room at Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, In Bermuda

The Dining Room at Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse is a brand new restaurant in Southampton Parish, in Bermuda. It occupies the space formerly used up by Lighthouse Tea Room.

The Freeport Seafood Restaurant, In Bermuda

If you walk through the gates of the Royal Naval Dockyard, in the west of Bermuda, you could grab yourself a table at the Freeport Seafood Restaurant.

The Henry VIII, In Bermuda

He was the king that ruled England from 21 April 1509 to 28 January 1547. He is famous for having six wives and now gives his name to one of the longest running restaurant and bars in Bermuda.

The Hog Penny Pub, In Bermuda

Are you a fan of classic American telly? Would you like to visit the pub which inspired the setting of your favourite US sitcom? Then take a trip to The Hog Penny Pub in Bermuda.

The Hungry Bear Restaurant, In Bermuda

If you feel like a great cup of coffee in Hamilton? Then have a cup of Joe in the Hungry Bear. This is the well loved Bermuda coffee shop that always poles apart from the competition.

The Indigo Restaurant and Lounge, In Bermuda

Indigo presents patrons vast range of international cooking in Bermuda. The restaurant is to be found in the quiet and peaceful Flatts Village. It is located in the parish of Hamilton, flanked by St. George town and Hamilton City.

The Ocean Club Restaurant, In Bermuda

There is a popular restaurant in the internationally acclaimed Fairmont Hotel and Resort in Southampton, Bermuda. This is the place where you could experience the catch of island seafood.

The Pickled Onion Restaurant, In Bermuda

The Pickled Onion Restaurant and Bar is a bustling Bermuda spot; located right on the waterfront. This eatery in the city of Hamilton first opened for business in 1989.

The Plaza Cafe, In Bermuda

Are you on the lookout for an exciting new form of dining in Bermuda? Then take a walk to Walkers Arcade. When looking for the most enthralling restaurant on the precinct, then head for the Plaza Café.

The Point Restaurant And Terrace, In Bermuda

The Point Restaurant & Terrace is an internationally renowned diner in the Rosewood Tucker’s Point hotel, resort and spa at Hamilton, in Bermuda.

The Red Carpet Bar & Restaurant In Hamilton, Bermuda

Are you interested in premiere dining in Hamilton City, covering the best in international cuisine? You will find a prime spot at the prodigious Red Carpet Bar & Restaurant.

The Rotisserie Grill, In Bermuda

When exploring Smith’s Parish in Bermuda, why not gauge the stifling menu at The Rotisserie Grill. It is an excellent bistro in Collector’s Hill, where they rustle you up the hottest honest food in no time.

The Salt Rock Grill & Sushi Bar, In Bermuda.

The Salt Rock Grill & Sushi Bar is a fabulous steak and seafood house in Somerset, Bermuda. The restaurant is situated in the former Loyalty Inn, with the Mangrove Bay as a backdrop.

The Sea Breeze, Elbow Beach, Bermuda

Would you like to enjoy a meal on the terrace of a hotel in Bermuda? Why not have something to eat while gazing out at the ocean? It could become a reality when you book a table at this high class restaurant – fittingly named Sea Breeze.

The Spot, In Bermuda

There is a restaurant on a sloping street in Bermuda, which heads straight for Hamilton harbour. If you want the best Caribbean, West Indian and local cuisine, without paying a king’s ransom, then come to The Spot.

The Spring Garden Restaurant & Bar in Hamilton, Bermuda

When seeking out the best food sourced from Barbados, the most beautiful “Bajan” dishes can be found at The Spring Garden Restaurant & Bar & Catering Services on Washington Lane, in Hamilton.

The Spring Garden Restaurant & Bar in Hamilton, Bermuda

When seeking out the best food sourced from Barbados, the most beautiful “Bajan” dishes can be found at The Spring Garden Restaurant & Bar & Catering Services on Washington Lane, in Hamilton.

The Victoria Grill, In Bermuda

Are you going out for a romantic candlelit dinner, having a business lunch, dining with friends or taking the family to eat? If you are searching for the epitome of style and relaxation, then take your place at the Victoria Grill.

The White Horse Pub & Restaurant, In Bermuda

If you are looking for a taste of Bermudas history the visit one of the most beloved and long running restaurants on the island. It is the eatery which races ahead of the competition, the White Horse Pub & Restaurant.

Tio Pepe, In Bermuda

When heading for Horseshoe Bay, in Southampton, you could come to one of the most well known and longest running Italian restaurants in Bermuda. You are certain to have a terrific time at Tio Pepe.

Voted Best Diner – Speciality Inn Bermuda

There isn’t many places that excels at practically everything they do and the Speciality Inn, on South Shore Road, is one of them. After having been voted the best place for breakfast and lunch in the previous years, it has now won the title of best diner place by the 2011 jury of The Bermudian’s […]

Wahoo's Waterside Bistro & Patio, In Bermuda

There is an eatery on the east side of Bermuda with a mass of experience behind it. It is a restaurant in St George run by two famous names in the industry. They serve some of the leading seafood dishes available, at Wahoo’s Waterside Bistro & Patio.

Waterlot Inn Restaurant, Southampton, In Bermuda

The Waterlot Inn, in the Fairmont Southampton Hotel, Bermuda, is a monument to the island history, as well as a sumptuous place to eat.

Waterlot Inn, Voted The Best Hotel Restaurant In Bermuda in 2011

It is usually the places with innovative and creative cuisine as well as modern and high-tech décor that comes on top for the best dining experience. There are many of these restaurants in Bermuda, especially in the luxurious resorts the island is famous for. But sometimes, all you want is a good  old-fashioned dinner in […]

Wickets Restaurant, In Bermuda

Sports fans can take an away trip to the fabulous Fairmont Southampton Hotel. This is where you can pitch a spot at the wonderful Wickets Restaurant in Bermuda. If you are a cricket fan it is sure to bowl you over.