Soft, powdery, and pink, our unspoilt sandy beaches await your footprints. Here’s your guide to Bermuda’s famous beaches and tiny romantic coves.

When visitors step off their plane or cruise ship, many head straight for the beach. Quite right too. We’re blessed a dramatic coastline dotted by a sensational selection of the world’s best beaches.

Everything comes together in Bermuda’s beaches: the glittering Atlantic, a glorious, tropical climate, magnificent scenery, and our unforgettable pink sand. This is where the laid-back Bermuda vibe is at its strongest.

Popular Horseshoe Bay is named for its unmistakably theatrical shape. This is Bermuda’s most graceful arena where beach-babes and beach-dudes pay homage to the sun. Less crowded, and so much more desirable, is Elbow Beach. Here, the fashionistas, celebs, and jet-setters in-the-know laze beneath ocean-blue umbrellas at the uber-swish Mandarin Oriental Elbow Beach Bermuda.

For family-oriented fun, try Tobacco Bay; for snorkelling, hit Church Bay; and for secluded romance, Hog Bay Level is the honeymooners’ favourite.

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Things To See And Do In Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

When taking in the beauty of Horseshoe Bay Beach, you should travel there by the most convenient way possible, by scooter, moped or pedal bike. Telephone the No 1 scooter rental company in Bermuda on +1.(441).296.2300 to hire your easy to handle vehicle, be it an electric bike, rental scooter (moped) or pedal bike (or book your scooter or […]

Spanish Point Park Beach, Bermuda

It is well known that the most beautiful beaches of Bermuda can be found on the South Shore of the island. Because of their reputation, they are usually very busy and while they have amazing features, but it is not a reason to overlook the quieter beaches of the North Shore.

Stonehole Bay Beach, Warwick, Bermuda

The South Shore is renowned for having the best and most beautiful beaches of Bermuda. Their amazing pink sand and the turquoise water added to great views of the ocean attract many tourists and local residents.

Explore The Sea Glass Beaches of Bermuda

Sea glass collection is a hobby that consists in collecting pieces of man made glass naturally crafted by the sea.

Butts Beach, Southampton in Bermuda

Right next to one of the most famous and popular beaches of Bermuda is a secluded little cove that has the same pink sand and blue water than its neighbour. Only Butts Beach is much more quiet and isolated than the Horseshoe Bay Beach, which even though it stretches for about 4 miles can get very […]

Middle Beach, Southampton in Bermuda

Bermuda is well known for its many beaches of pink sand or white sand, and their beautiful clear waters. If you are ready to make a little effort, then you can discover some gems that mainstream tourists will never hear off and see. Most of the time you don’t have to go very far from […]

Peel Rock Cove, Southampton in Bermuda

Many beaches of Bermuda are large and wide, but there also are many other smaller and as beautiful ones all around the island shores.

Wafer Rocks Beach, Southampton, in Bermuda

The parish of Southampton has some of the best beaches in Bermuda – as well as the biggest concentration of them.

Astwood Cove Beach, Warwick, Bermuda

Amongst the many beautiful beaches of Bermuda and Warwick parish, Astwood Cove Beach is one of the most stunning places.

Angle Beach, Southampton, Bermuda

The parish of Southampton has the biggest concentration of beaches in Bermuda and Angle Beach is one of them, located along the South Shore Park that goes from Horseshoe Bay up to Astwood Cove in the parish of Warwick.

Hidden Beach, Bermuda – Where Is It?

Hidden Beach is one of the many beaches of the parish of Southampton, along the South Shore Park where you can find some of the most beautiful beaches of Bermuda.

West Whale Bay Beach In Southampton, Bermuda

At the western end of Southampton parish and next to the parish of Sandy, the West Whale Bay Beach takes is name from the time when the whaling industry was strong in Bermuda.

South Shore Park In Warwick, Bermuda

There are many great beaches in Bermuda, most of them covered in the famous pink sand and looking out ot some crystal-clear and amazing blue water.

Warwick Long Bay Beach, Bermuda

Warwick Long Bay Beach is one of those rare places you fall in love with straight away.

Nonsuch Island, Bermuda

Bermuda’s nature is beautiful and there are some places were it has been kept wild with unspoiled flora and fauna. One of the best parts of Bermuda’s Nature Reserve is without any doubt Nonsuch Island. 

Achilles Bay Beach, Bermuda

Achilles Bay Beach, so named because of its heel-like shape, is one of the few Bermuda beaches that is not very well known to the majority of tourists.

Clearwater Beach, Bermuda

One of the most northern beaches in Bermuda, Clearwater Beach, is located on the eastern tip of St. David’s Island.

Jobson's Cove Beach, Warwick

There are little gems everywhere around Bermuda for those who are ready to step away from tourists paths and Jobson’s Cove Beach is one of them.

Chaplin Bay, Bermuda

Chaplin Bay is a cute little piece of beach-front in Bermuda. It is flanked by Horseshoe Bay and Stonehole Bay. This is a calm and tranquil stretch of land with unique beautiful pink sand. The beach is separated by a large coral wall with cliffs on all sides. The coral barrier reef is over the […]

Shelly Bay Beach, Hamilton Parish

The beaches of the south shores of Bermuda are amongst the most famous in the world, but can sometimes become very crowded, especially during the summer months when cruise ships dock on the island. Fortunately, if you are looking for a bit more intimate, Bermuda has little gems scattered on its shorelines and Shelly Bay […]

Tobacco Bay Beach, St. George

Tobacco Bay Beach is one of the most popular beaches of the Northern shores, located at only 10 minutes walk from the centre of the historic city of St. George.

Church Bay Beach, Southampton, Bermuda

For snorkelers around the world, Bermuda is one of the best, if not the best destination. For the locals, Church Bay Beach, in the parish of Southampton, is the best place in Bermuda according to many!

Elbow Beach in Bermuda!

Take in the sun at one of the most visited and much admired beaches in Bermuda. It is called Elbow Beach.

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda – A Beach To Definitely Visit!

Horseshoe Bay Bermuda – One of the World’s top beaches!

John Smith's Bay in Bermuda

Are you planning on visiting Smith’s Parish on a trip to Bermuda? Then why not journey to John Smith’s Bay?

9 Best Beaches To Swim In Bermuda

Bermuda is a place rich in beaches, with no less than 32 spread out on the island’s 64 miles of coastline. The choice of where to go swimming or lounging in the sun is probably the hardest thing you will face during your time here! That’s why we decided to give you a hand by […]

Why Are There Pink Sand Beaches In Bermuda?

Why Are There Pink Sand In Bermuda? A question we’re asked quite a lot…..

Hamilton Parish Beaches in Bermuda

Forget expensive taxis or buses and jump on your scooter (or bike!) rental and head off to the beautiful Hamilton Parish beaches on Bermuda!