From calypso, reggae, and rhythm & blues to modern dance, jazz and classical music, Bermuda attracts world-class artists and performers at the pinnacles of their careers.

For a small island, Bermuda punches way above its artistic weight. We guess it’s the natural beauty and the laid-back vibe that attract so much world-class talent. The cultural year starts early with two months of sheer artistic brilliance. Each January and February, the Bermuda Festival of the Performing Arts brings the world’s most inventive singers, actors, dancers, and musicians together for a feast of awe-inspiring creativity.

The Bermuda International Film Festival (BIFF) is one of just 62 Oscar-qualifying festivals. This late-March celebration of independent film has a habit of attracting remarkable talent. In recent years, two BIFF winners have gone on to win Oscars.

If you like top-class student theatre, Bermuda is the only place outside the United States where you can see Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals. And throughout the year, visitors can enjoy a wonderful selection of recitals, concerts, shows.

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Bermuda Art in the Dark – Eating Up The Bermuda Art Scene! May 12, 2011

  Are you looking for an enlightening time in Bermuda? Then you will experience the heights of artistic talent and good food when attending the regional restaurant and gallery tour called bermuda Art in the Dark. This exciting event is held on the 12th of May in the capital city of bermuda, Hamilton.

Bermuda Maritime Museum, Sandys

The Royal Naval Dockyard in Sandys Parish is the first port of call of many tourists to Bermuda and it is a great place where to start your visit of the island. Amongst the many attractions of the complex, the Bermuda Maritime Museum – also called the National Museum of Bermuda since 2009 – is a […]

Bermuda Railway Museum & Curiosity Shop

Charles Dickens wrote about The Old Curiosity Shop, but if in the mood to take in some local history on a trip to Bermuda, then visit The Bermuda Railway Museum & Curiosity Shop.

Carriage House Museum in Bermuda

The original Carriage House Museum was located in Water Street, St. George’s Town, and is now a restaurant in the lovely seafront boutique shopping area at Somer’s Wharf. You can find it directly across from the Tucker House Museum.

Graham Foster • See The Works Of The Best Artist in Bermuda

If you don’t know this already, art is very important in the history of Bermuda and is still very much alive today.

Bermuda Hasty Pudding 2012

Bermuda is well known for its luxurious resorts and its amazing beaches covered of pink sand and bordered by turquoise water. But not everyone knows that Bermuda is the only place where the Hasty Pudding Theatricals are staged outside the United States.

Jabulani Repertory Company, Bermuda

The Jabulani Repertory Company,  based at the Hamilton Princess in Bermuda, is one of the most highly regarded theatre companies on the Island.

Museum of Bermuda Art

The Bermuda Botanical Gardens is not only a hub of horticultural beauty. This prime tourist site also houses one of the finest collections of art on the island.

Rosecote, Bermuda, Home & Studio Of Bermudian Artist Alfred Birdsey

Bermuda is a beautiful place which has inspired several artists, locals or foreigners who passed some time here, some choosing to stay and live on the island.

Springfield Library in Bermuda

Often referred to as Springfield Mansion, the magnificent historical building is now a community centre and library, and was acquired by the Bermuda National Trust as part of the Gilbert Nature Reserve in 1973.

St Georges Historical Society Museum In Bermuda

The St Georges Historical Society Museum is one of the longest standing, most durable buildings on the island of Bermuda.

The Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard, Bermuda

The Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard is the place to experience the exciting, ever changing world of art from in and around the Island. 

The Bermuda National Gallery

Would you like to experience the beauty of art and culture while on holiday? Then make a stop at The Bermuda National Gallery.

The Verdmont Museum, Bermuda

The Verdmont Museum is a widely admired historical site in Smith’s parish in Bermuda.

Take In Some History At The Tucker House Museum

Would you like to visit the historical home of one of Bermuda’s most prestigious colonial families? Then why not visit The Tucker House Museum?