Carriage House Museum in Bermuda

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Carriage House Museum Bermuda

The original Carriage House Museum was located in Water Street, St. George’s Town, and is now a restaurant in the lovely seafront boutique shopping area at Somer’s Wharf. You can find it directly across from the Tucker House Museum.

The Museum stood for decades as homage to the long-standing form of transport before automobiles and scooters arrived en masse to the Island. The restaurant’s architecture still features some artefacts of the museum – the whereabouts of the rest of the collection of the former Museum are unknown. The interior of the building and original structure are still in excellent condition.

Until the 1940s, horses and the carriages were the main forms of transport allowed in Bermuda, due to its narrow roads and carriageways. Anyone who could afford a horse-drawn carriage did, which was mainly the wealthy or those that had to forgo other possessions or luxuries in order to run and maintain one. During the 1940s and in to the 50s, a huge proportion of these disappeared as people replace them with cars, vans, trucks and bikes – whether the island’s roads infrastructure could handle them or not (and ultimately, as it turns out, couldn’t, hence the reason why tourists and visitors to the island can’t rent an automobile).

The Carriage Museum sprung up in order to preserve the history of the transport mode and survived for many years before succumbing to funding issues and the building was adopted for private enterprise.

The 18th century brick-vaulted Museum building housed a great collection of wagons and carriages including beautiful broughams, phaetons before closure.

Carriage House Museum Interior

The building was restored and refurbished as part of a mass refurbishment on the waterfront at Somer’s Wharf and the Carriage House restaurant has now adopted the building, which has a stunning garden patio with amazing views over the harbour to the sea.

Today, you can experience what life was like in Bermuda during the horse and carriage era by taking a tour or excursion from King’s Square in St. George’s. It’s an excellent way to see St. George’s as well as many other parts of ‘old Bermuda’. Prices start around $50.

If that isn’t for you, why not pop in to the Carriage Museum Restaurant for lunch or dinner and to enjoy the history of the former Carriage House Museum. The restaurant offers a great variety for all the family. Lunch offers the usual affair of tasty sandwiches, soups and burgers among its delights. The exquisite dinner menu includes a choice of succulent prime ribs, rack of lamb and fish chowder as well as pastas, lobster, steak and vegetarian dishes.

Carriage House Museum in Bermuda

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