Café Cairo, Voted The Best Pick-Up Bar in Bermuda!

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Cafe Cairo Bermuda

Bermuda is not just a pretty island with pink sand beaches and luxurious resorts where couples come for some well-earned vacations or wonderful honeymoons. Nor is it just for golfers travelling from all around the world for the privilege to play on some of the best courses on the planet in some of the best conditions. Bermuda is also an island where people come to party!

But don’t think it is the type of party you can see in the Caribbean. Bermuda is a classy place and party with class.You can go anywhere for a drink or a dance, mainly for both, on the island and you won’t risk to see the place ruined by herds of crazy and loud tourists still wearing their beach outfit.

For those who are in on a girlie or a lads holiday, there are many places to spend the night dancing away after a lazy day around the swimming pool or by the sea. But which of them is the best place to meet single people in search of fun and adventures? Well, for the second year running, the Best of Bermuda Award of The Bermudian for the best pick-up bar was given to the Café Cairo.

This suave and sophisticated restaurant/café underwent a complete renovation to stay the best nightlife spot in Front Street, Hamilton. It is a place with its own special atmosphere and with a philosophy contained in its dress code: dress to impress. Located on the second floor of a decorated waterfront building, the Egyptian themed café is a favourite of the locals and has two faces. Until 10:30pm, Cairo Café is a restaurant and café serving traditional Middle East cuisine in a North African décor of hand-carved Egyptians chairs and tables made of inscribed copper bed frames. The place serves lunches between 12noon and 2:30pm, Monday to Friday, and dinner from 6:30pm to 10:30pm, Monday to Saturday. There is a wine bar open from 5pm to 1am, Monday to Saturday.

There is also a Bedouin-style dining room with plush cushions for those who want a relax yet authentic dinner. For even more North African authenticity, the Café Cairo has an hookah lounge, a covered outside area where you can smoke at the fruit-flavoured tobacco pipes.

After 10pm and until 3pm, the Café Cairo turns into a night-club and the atmosphere gets jumping. You can still get food as it served late at night, but most people turn their attention to the dance-floor. It can become absolutely packed on the week-end because it is the place where everyone wants to come and finish the night. Given the popularity of the place and to keep it friendly, it is recommended for men to be accompanied by a woman to ensure they will get in.

It is definitely the most hip place in Hamilton and a place where locals and holiday-makers are mixing until 3am and sometimes later. The hookah pipes that are located at the back are a popular features while the dance-floor gets barely empty thanks to a DJ playing dance music and R&B tunes all night.

The Cairo Café might be the best pick-up place in Bermuda but that’s not all it is: a great restaurant, a great night-club and a very lively place.

Café Cairo, Bermuda – 93 Front Street, Hamilton, HM12; (441) 295-1555

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