Cafe Amici, In Bermuda

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Cafe Amici

If you love bella Italian food, then there’s an eatery at the Royal Naval Dockyard which is right up your piazza. It is in the Clocktower Mall, and serves a classic taste of Italy in Bermuda and it is called Cafe Amici.

This is a warm friendly place where everyone is welcome. It is a Bistro on the West End where people can get together and sample fine dining from Venice or Rome. People may either sit indoors or out by the water. This is the perfect spot to eat al fresco.

The restaurant is the propriety of Signor Livio Ferigo, whom owns the popular Bone Fish Bar and Grill. It brings you a delectable breakfast, with bagels, waffles and eggs made just the way you want it. You could also have your choice of waffles, muffins and wraps, with cod fish served with potato on a Sunday.

Cafe Amici has an exceptional seafood menu, as well as pasta and steak dishes. There are delicious Italian ravioli, risottos and salads. This is as well as awesome Italian pizzas, of different kinds and toppings.

Customers can also select wine from Italy, from the extensive bar. When looking for a flavour of the Italian Republic in Bermuda, you will love Cafe Amici.


Cafe Amici has been the belle of the ball on the travel site Trip Advisor. This makes it one of the most exciting restaurants in Bermuda.

A reviewer said:

Seats about 60 people. Staff were pleasant and helpful. Service speed was good and prompt. It’s a quiet lunch cafe.

Cafe Amici –
Clock Tower Mall,

Phone: (441) 234 5009

Cafe Amici

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