Café 4 Bermuda • Voted The Best People-watching Perch in Bermuda

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Cafe 4 Bermuda

Everywhere in the world, at least where the weather permits it, people-watching is a pastime that is best practised at the outdoor terrace of a café.

Thanks to the fabulous weather that we are enjoying here in Bermuda, people-watching is popular especially during the summer when many tourists visit the island. Whether you want to get a feel for the rhythm of the Bermudian eclectic community, understand how to look the best possible with Bermuda shorts, observe what the casual style mean here or just try to guess the story of people watching by, a good spot is essential for this.

In this year’s Best of Bermuda Awards, The Bermudian voted Café 4 as the best people-watching perch in Bermuda. This might seem like a strange category but the fact is that people-watching is pretty much a national pastime in Bermuda. It is a reflection of the laid back and sociable lifestyle of the island. There is plenty to do outdoors here, between the most beautiful beaches in the world covered of pink sand and the abundance of places where to dine or share a drink with friends.

Most of these places have terraces where you can enjoy the sun until it sets and miss nothing of the vibrant community that is Bermuda. The good thing for people-watching here is that it is not the Caribbean and so people are behaving. You will not have your time with your friends spoiled by herds of drunken and loud groups. Everyone is friendly and expected to look presentable when in a city.

Of course, there are not only holidaymakers in Bermuda and you will be surprised to see business people wearing Bermuda shorts and mixing with those here to have a good time. There is very little cars on the island because only residents can own one and visitors can’t rent any. Instead, you can add the scooters zigzagging between cars and pedestrians to your people-watching.

But you will want more than just a terrace to practise people-watching. A place that serves great food with a casual style is the perfect setting to enjoy some time with your friends while people-watching. Fortunately, this is exactly what Café 4 offers and the reason why it was voted the best people-watching perch.

Despite its name, Café 4 is not just a coffee shop. Its owners wanted it to be a combination between a modern sushi bar, a take out shop with style and sophistication and a dining facility offering indoor and outdoor seating. You can have breakfast, lunch or even afternoon tea with the delicious and renowned Fourways Gourmet Pastries. Indeed, the Café 4 is part of the Little Venice Group along some of the finest restaurants in Bermuda. Their food is created by the group award-winning chef Tommy Poh and their staff are from the Fourways Inn, a first class venue.

During the day, the place offers 3 set lunch menus, the Carvery, the Western, and the Asian, each changing each day of the week, from Monday to Sunday.

The best people-watching perch turns into a top meeting place at night with only the sushi bar remaining open and with music, wine, cocktails, snacks and a full bar. With a fun and relaxing atmosphere, a friendly service and great innovative food, Café 4 is definitely the place from where to see and where to be seen!

Café 4 Bermuda – Windsor Place, Queen Street, Hamilton, ; 441 285 8444;

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