Buzz Restaurant, In Bermuda

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Have you heard the buzz about the exciting café and restaurant franchise spreading up across Bermuda? If going shopping has built up your appetite, then you could walk up to the brilliant Buzz Restaurant.

This convenient and well situated café is located on the Upper Level of the Washington Mall. It offers an outstanding menu all day long, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whatever time of the day, you are sure to find the perfect serving. If you are stopping for a bite to eat in the morning, then you could have a glorious breakfast consisting of sausages, bacon, eggs and ham. The café has a number of bread products, as well as an array of sandwiches and wraps of various types. Customers could furthermore have a well chosen salad, a gorgeous grilled dish or a chicken or beef Philly Cheese Steak.

Buzz Restaurant also has its finger on the pulse of specialty coffees. There are many different alternatives, from the classical cappuccino to a machhiato or espresso. The café also has an astounding rundown of lattes, from their marvellous mochas to the café, chai and the chocolaty snickers latte.

This is also a great place to sit down and have a nice cup of tea. Buzz Restaurant has a diverse variety to suit any mood. You could also sip some delicious hot chocolate, a milk shake or a smoothie. There are a wide range of flavours, from apple and banana to raspberry, to name but a few.

These are a few of the options making Buzz restaurant an electrifying dining franchise, taking over Bermuda.


There has been a lot of buzz about this blistering establishment on travel site Trip Advisor.

One member of the site said:

Extremely popular with studnets and office-workers. Ideal for sandwiches, snacks and fast food.

Another reviewer commented:

Excellent smoothies very rich and thick great flavour.chicken salad sandwiches are the best.

One more reviewer added:

For a quick salad or sandwich, Buzz is a good option in Hamilton. There are several locations. Salads and sandwiches are made to order and fresh ingredients are us.

Another reviewer said:

The Buzz chain offers really great sandwiches, wraps, salads, breakfast, etc at prices that are reasonable. It was a pleasure to find some really delicious, really casual dining.

Buzz Restaurant –

Upper Level,
Washington Mall,

Phone: (441) 295 4903

Buzz Restaurant

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