Butts Beach, Southampton in Bermuda

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Butts Beach Bermuda

Right next to one of the most famous and popular beaches of Bermuda is a secluded little cove that has the same pink sand and blue water than its neighbour. Only Butts Beach is much more quiet and isolated than the Horseshoe Bay Beach, which even though it stretches for about 4 miles can get very crowded during the summer months.

Butts Beach is one of the few small coves that are spread out along the South Shore Park on the parish of Southampton and the parish of Warwick. Because the cove is the first of them locaoted just at the east end of Horseshoe Bay, it gets the same pink sand and amazing blue waters. Even better, the waters here are calmer than they can be on Horseshoe Bay due to the rocks that form like a kind of open ocean pool.

There is a long rock that separates the cove from the main beach and goes quite far in the water, not only isolating Butts Beach from some of the crowd’s noise but also from the wind that can sometimes blow from the west. The currents that make the waters of Horseshoe Bay unpredictable, and are the reason why the beach is manned by lifeguards on duty, are stopped by the same rock, making Butts Beach a great place for swimming and for kids to play in the water.

This is a beach where snorkellers will find many things to see, especially as the calm waters are a haven for many species of fish that live under the rocks on each sides of the cove.

Butts Beach is so close from Horseshoe Bay Beach that you can easily access the toilets and shower facilities as well as the food concessions. You might be able to use rental beach equipment on Butts Beach from shops on Horseshoe Bay because it is also part of the same beach but check beforehand and bring towels with you as a precaution.

Just at the back of the cove of Butts Beach is a little grassy mount part of the South Shore Park. This is a great place for a picnic if you don’t want to risk getting sand on your food, as well as an extended playground for children.

If you want to see a bit more of the beautiful south shore of the island, why not taking a walk along the South Shore Park from where you can go on other coves and secluded beaches as beautiful as Butts Beach: Middle Beach, Wafer Rocks Beach, Angle Beach, Hidden Beach. For the more adventurous ones, you can get to these by the shore directly, although you might sometimes need to waddle in the water.

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