BUIE's Underwater Extravaganza

Posted in: News - Last Updated: September 24th, 2015 by Dolores Thomas

The Blue Hue Of The BUEI

Get your feet wet raising money for a good cause, while having a fun evening, at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI) Underwater Extravaganza.

Saturday March 22nd, is when the BUEI in Paget holds its fun fundraiser. The Underwater Extravaganza is being put on to raise money for the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute’s 2014 Education Campaign.

You could begin your wonderful evening sipping cocktails at 7pm. This is before sitting down to dinner at 8pm. You can then take part in an exciting silent auction with all of the proceeds going to a good cause. Music will be provided by the super cool Big Chill and you can step out and boogie on the bioluminescent dance floor. You will feel like you are partying beneath the waves in those blue hue surroundings and the dress code is what has been described as underwater chic. This makes the Underwater Extravaganza an elegant, fun evening, designed to help the 2014 Education Campaign.

The BUEI has always sought to increase people’s awareness and understanding of the oceans. It achieves this through exhibits, events and fun activities, such as the popular BUEI Summer Camp for children. The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute also strongly believes in education. This is through working with schools and teaching staff and developing its own island based science lessons, alongside other methods. However, it often needs financial assistance, which makes events like this so vitally important.

You can have a pleasant evening, while supporting a worthwhile cause, by attending the BUEI’s Underwater Extravaganza in March.

BUIE’s Underwater Extravaganza

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