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Bouchee Bermuda

If there is a dish that pretty much anyone in Bermuda can do, it is a codfish breakfast! But at Elbow Beach Cycles, we like to keep our customers up-to-date with where is the BEST!

One of the most popular breakfast in the island, the codfish breakfast is something that residents are fussy with. Any establishment serving a bad codfish breakfast would have to be ready to get boycotted and receive the harshest critics ever. In fact, it would be the same unforgivable offence as an Italian restaurant; serving a bad pizza or a French restaurant serving overcooked red meat, an outrage.

But there are not many of these places in Bermuda and you can go to almost any restaurant to be guaranteed a good codfish breakfast. In these conditions, choosing the best of them is a hard task and the award of best codfish breakfast is the more contested with the one of best fish chowder.

For the third year running, The Bermudian has given the Best of Bermuda Award for best codfish breakfast to Bouchée, confirming that the Hamilton’s restaurant located in Pitts Bay Road is where you’ll get the best codfish breakfast available on the island.

The codfish breakfast is typically Bermudian and takes a while to prepare so it is regarded as a week-end breakfast as well as being served on special occasion such as Emancipation Day. It might not seem like the most appealing breakfast to visitors who usually prefer to stick to what they know, but there is nothing more authentic if you are looking for a real taste of the island. The codfish breakfast is set in the island’s tradition since the 18th century when slaves used to eat cod as the start of the day because it was the cheapest food available. The recipe has evolved and consists now of salted codfish soaked overnight and served with fried onion and stewed tomato sauce, boiled egg and potato, and banana.

Variations include the addition of other fruits, mainly avocado, of bacon or chorizo sausage, and the substitution of the tomato sauce with plain onion sauce, egg sauce or mayonnaise. Even though it is not very traditional, many Bermudian are considering toasts or hot corn breads to be an essential component of the codfish breakfast. A popular way to eat it is to mix everything in the bowl with a fork and eat it on toast.

The Bouchée is a French restaurant that was known before as Monty’s Restaurant and has been established for over a decade. It serves codfish breakfast on Sundays between 7:30am and 11:30am. Not only it is the best codfish breakfast, but is also quite cheap considering the time and the effort it takes to prepare such a feast. For those who prefer stick to a more traditional occidental breakfast, the Bouchée also serves Belgian waffles, pancakes, eggs, salmon bagels and many more ingredients.

Of course, the Bouchée also serves French style lunches and dinners, as well as Bermudian food. Popular starters include pan-seared scallops, fish chowder, or French pate. Lunch is casual with dishes such as chicken salad, grilled sandwiches, wraps, fish and chips, burgers or fried chicken. For dinner, you can opt for fresh local fish dishes like rockfish, sea bass or Wahoo, or classic pan roasted duck breast and bangers and mash. On Fridays and Saturdays, you can treat yourself with a set three courses menu.

Bouchée, Bermuda – 75 Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton, HM08; (441) 295-5759

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