Bolero Brasserie, In Bermuda

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Bolera Brasserie

Bolero Brasserie is a family run restaurant in the City of Hamilton in Bermuda. This is a place you can really make a song and dance about.

The restaurant was opened in 2007 by a married couple Jonny and Fiona Roberts. It was their goal to create an eatery with a warm, close knit atmosphere. They set out to open a restaurant where the staff and customers work together to make the Bolero Brasserie one of the friendliest, most comfortable restaurants in Bermuda.

This neighbourhood eatery is an exciting, energetic spot, full of activity. It’s where all kinds of patrons can frequent and feel welcome. They range from couples having a romantic meal, to families going out to eat, to businessmen closing a deal. Whatever the situation, patrons will feel right at home at the Brasserie.

The restaurant has a large menu to choose from. It is comprised of well known Bistro food and traditional cuisine. The fare is always modest and straightforward. Although it changes several times a year, so you always have a fresh and varied choice. But the restaurant also serves the old favourites, in keeping with popular demand. This makes the Bolero one of the most visited eateries in Bermuda.


The Bolero Brasserie has caused quite a whirl on Trip Advisor. It is dancing cartwheels around the competition.

One reviewer said:

In our 4 nights in Bermuda, we ate here twice! The ambience, service and attention, and of course the food were terrific.

A reviewer commented:

A very relaxed decor and atmosphere, it’s the food that makes this place stand out. An well-mixed menu featuring standards as well as more original dishes, with interesting twists and interpretations, and cooked to high standards. The wine list and recommendations were very good.

A fellow reviewer said:

Bolero Brasserie in Hamilton Bermuda is a wonderful place. The staff are friendly and efficient, the menu varied, quite original and well presented.

Another reviewer added:

In our 4 nights in Bermuda, we ate here twice! The ambience, service and attention, and of course the food were terrific.

One more reviewer commented:

Service is exceptional, food is great, escargots to die for….

A further review said:

We went on a busy Saturday night and didn’t have a reservation but the staff was extremely cordial and we had a short wait for a table. Great food and atmosphere.

Bolero Brasserie, Bermuda –
48 Par La Ville Road,
Suite 1526,
Hamilton HM11,
Tel: 441 292 4507
Fax: 441 292 0011

Bolero Brasserie, Bermuda

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