Blue Hole Water Sports, Hamilton Parish

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Blue Hole Water Sports, Bermuda

If you want to experience our island in the best conditions, a trip on the water is a must-do.

Even better is to do it on your own and at your own pace. One of the best place to rent water sport equipment in Bermuda is Blue Hole Water Sports, in the East End of the island. Located on the Grotto Bay Beach Resort, the facility has the widest range of  equipment in Bermuda, from sunkats and motorboats to kayaks, sailboats and windsurfers.

The location of Blue Hole Water Sports is crucial because it gives you access to two of  the most amazing spots to explore and navigate to, the Castle Island Nature Reserve and the St. George Harbour. The Castle Island is usually regarded as the most secluded place on the island and a paradise for nature and history lovers.

The King’ s Castle that gave the island its first name of King’s Island has the double particularity to be the oldest English fortification in the New World and the oldest stone building in Bermuda to still stand up. Built in 1612, it successfully defended the island against Spanish attacks two years later.

A few minutes from Castle Island, you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in Bermuda, sometimes only accessible from the water. Stop on one of them for lunch, a refreshing dip and experience some incomparable snorkelling before doing a bit of sightseeing in St. George Harbour. The Old Town is a great sight from the water and you can also navigate amongst the yachts in the harbour as well as checking out the many islands scattered in the St David’s area.

It isn’t only its location that makes Blue Hole Water Sports one of the best water sports facilities.

Customers at Trip Advisor all agree that the staff and the service they provide is of very high quality, saying that it is the

“Best place for water sports in Bermuda”, “A MUST DO for ANYONE going to Bermuda!!”

or even the

“Best day of our vacation!”

The motorboats available for rental are Boston Whalers, reputed for being unsinkable and very easy to manoeuvre. They can carry up to 4 passengers and are coming with bimini tops, complimentary snorkel gear and coolers, and all the necessary safety gear.

Kayaks are ideal for those who want to see the best of Bermuda’s wildlife and the Blue Hole Water Sports gives access to sites such as Whalebone Bay, Walsingham Nature Reserve and Baileys Bay. The kayaks are the sit-on-top models available in single and double and don’t require any previous experience.

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