Blue Hole Park Nature Reserve in Bermuda

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Blue Hole Park Bermuda

Blue Hole Park is a spectacular nature reserve in Bermuda.

It may be reached off Blue Hole Hill in the parish of Hamilton. The park uses 12 acres of land, close to the Grotto Bay Beach Resort hotel and the Causeway. It is a portion of the much greater Walsingham Nature Reserve of Bermuda.

Visitors can walk the clearly marked trail, stopping off at places of interest on the way. There are just so many examples of natural beauty to see. There is an old mangrove pond which, due to the Bermuda Audubon Society, has a new lease of life. It has been transformed as a wetland habitat, by careful restoration. The reserve has also set up an exceptional observation post, where you can view the numerous species of birds which flock to the park.

There is also underground majesty of the incredible Causeway Cave.

It is made of limestone, with the finest vegetative life from the sub-tropics. This is to say nothing of the beautiful Blue Grotto. It is an incomparable sunken cave, where visitors may observe the tranquil blue water, from a platform. This is just a few of the wonders attractions which await you at Blue Hole Park.

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Image from TripAdviser.