Blackbeard's Hideout In Bermuda

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There is a blistering bistro in Bermuda which is sure to buckle your swash. If searching for a treasure trove of fine pirate cooking, then go find Blackbeard’s Hideout.

This exceptional eatery is situated in St Georges, a stone’s throw from St. Catherine’s Fort. The warm, welcoming bar and restaurant looks down on beautiful Achilles Bay. It is a widely admired spot with residents and tourists alike. The restaurant bares the name of the notorious pirate Blackbeard, also known as Edward Teach. The story goes he used to hideout in this spot while on the run. This is fitting for a beautiful hideaway where patrons could have a wonderful lunch and dinner.

Blackbeard’s Hideout’s menu includes the finest local fish chowder soup, with sherry peppers and rum. You could choose the jumbo scallops in bacon and fresh oyster on a half shell. This is along with marvellous main courses, from the red snapper, to the sizzler steak and seafood platter. There is also a run on lamb dishes, covered in mustard crust. Blackbeard’s Hideout moreover has a choice of quick meals and snacks, if you feel like grabbing something fast to eat. These extend from good old fashioned fish and chips to a selection of filled rolls.

The bar and restaurant is complete with an excellent wine cellar, where you could have a cocktail or a glass of Sauvignon Blanc with your meal.

You are sure to strike gold, when you head for Blackbeard’s Hideout.


Blackbeard’s Hideout has been a massive find on Trip Advisor. The reviews have been pure Gold.

One said:

Fantastic evening looking over the beautiful bay and sparkling sea. Fantastic seafood and the best dark and stormy in the whole of Bermuda. I want to go back.

Another reviewer said:

Do yourself a favor. Take a trip to St. George, head for Tobacco Bay and just a short distance away is Blackbeards. Worth the effort.

One more reviewer said:

Great fish & chips, nice well stocked bar. Nice beach nearby

A further review commented:

I love having lunch here after swimming all morning and I love having dinner watching the sunset. The food is very good. Drinks are good, service is excellent.

One more reviewer stated:

You just have to come here – try the Canonballs as a starter, drink a couple of Dark and Stormies and tell me this is not one of the best places you have ever eaten in. The location is juct fantastic.

Blackbeard’s Hideout

The St. George’s Club
Achillies Bay,

Phone: 441-297-1400

Blackbeard’s Hideout

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