The Best Local Food in Bermuda At The Black Horse Tavern!

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Black Horse Tavern Bermuda

Whatever country you are in, as a visitor or a resident, eating local and traditional is always attractive!

If you are just somewhere for holidays or even work, it is the best way to discover all the flavours that a place has to offer as well as the tastes of its people. You can even learn things about the history of a country by knowing its traditional cuisine. For people born and living somewhere, the local food is part of their heritage and of their pride for their country.

In Bermuda, we are really demanding about our local food and we want it to be of high standards as well as authentic. Because there are many people visiting the island all year round, it is important that they get to taste the best of the local products cooked or prepared in the best way. Well, there is a place that is regarded as the most local of all, with delicious local food cooked by Bermudians.

The Black Horse Tavern, in St. David’s Island, is once again the winner of the 2011 Best of Bermuda Award for local fare, after having won the award from The Bermudian in 2008.With fish and seafood coming from the neighbouring waters and most of the staff from St. David’s. It is difficult to do more local than the Black Horse Tavern. The location also brings a very picturesque aspect to the dining experience with the restaurant and its outside terrace both overlooking the waters of the small cove where the tavern is. It is so close from the water that you might be lucky enough to see some celebrities coming here in their yachts.

Bermudians don’t hesitate to escape Hamilton and its crowds to have lunch or dinner at the most authentic restaurant on the island. As it is quite far from the main tourist trails, visitors will find themselves surrounded by locals, making their time even more authentic.

The most local food you can have in Bermuda is evidently seafood and that is a speciality of the Black Horse Tavern. The traditional dishes are of course on the menu such as Bermuda fish chowder, fish sandwiches, fishcakes, shrimp cocktail, curried mussels, and curried conch stew and rice. There are many fresh fish to have the way you want like rockfish, tuna, amberjack, shark, wahoo, and Bermuda lobster. If you want your food any other way than deep-fried, ask your waiter and the chefs will be happy to do it for you.

Everything at the Black Horse Tavern is so fresh that you can literally taste that it was fish out of the ocean a few hours before you had it. Because they are relying mostly on local fishermen, the fish doesn’t have to travel far and the catch of the day depends on what the ocean has let them take. But as not everyone likes seafood, the Black Horse Tavern also serves delicious meat cooked with the same expertise than the fish. The steaks are cooked on a grill and slice finely before being tossed in homemade sauces and mixtures. You can get some chicken and chips and burgers too.

The quality of the food is matched by a great service by local people who makes anyone experience even better.

The Black Horse Tavern is a must-do for anyone visiting the island to taste some true local food.

The Black Horse Tavern, Bermuda – 101 St. David’s Road, St. George’s Parish, DD01; (441) 297-1991

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