Bistro J, In Bermuda

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Bistro J
The restaurant has been presented the Best Decadent Desert Award from the prodigious Bermudian magazine. These compact, close knit premises seat about 40 people, with its menu written on a chalkboard.

Bistro J is found close to Front Street and is considered excellent value. It has a huge variety of appetizers, entrees and puddings. Patrons may be assured the food is made from the freshest meat, fruit and vegetables, purchased that very day.

You could have a vast array of starters. They range from grilled Caesar salad, grilled scallops, avocado relish, tortilla rounds and calamari with BBQ sauce. There are excellent main courses on the menu. These include delicious maple roasted chicken, rib eye steak with mushrooms or linguine and shrimp, complete with pine nuts.

The restaurant also offers wonderful desserts, with a choice of ice creams. These take in Mocha Tart espresso ice cream and vanilla ice cream with sticky toffee pudding. There are also various household sorbets and ice creams for sale. The restaurant also has a complete bar with a widespread wine selection.


Bistro J has had great reviews on Trip Advisor.

One reviewer said:

good daily choices, friendly service

Another review stated:

Service was very efficient and friendly. The white chocolate ice cream is to die for. I would certainly recommend it.

A fellow reviewer added:

Bistro J was a wonderful find in Hamilton. The menu changed on a daily basis. Ambiance at the small bistro was cozy and it was affordable! I recommend it to anyone who wants fresh good food and a break from pub fare.

A further reviewer said:

I was very impressed and really enjoyed the food.

Another reviewer commented:

I wish more restaurants were like this place. A daily-changing, innovative menu from a chef that clearly knows what she or he is doing.

Bistro J –

Chancery Lane
Hamilton HM 12

Tel: (441) 296 8546
Fax: (441) 292 7074

Bistro J, in Bermuda

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