9 Best Beaches To Swim In Bermuda

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Best Beaches To Swim In Bermuda

The Beautiful Elbow Beach

Bermuda is a place rich in beaches, with no less than 32 spread out on the island’s 64 miles of coastline. The choice of where to go swimming or lounging in the sun is probably the hardest thing you will face during your time here! That’s why we decided to give you a hand by selecting our nine favourite places to swim in Bermuda.

Our Best Beaches To Swim In Bermuda!

Elbow Beach, in Paget Parish, off the Tribe Road number 4, is one of the beautiful pink-sand beaches that Bermuda is famous for, and often referred as one of the best ones. It takes its name from its curve similar to an elbow and there is a private beach belonging to the Elbow Beach Hotel. It is very close to Hamilton and therefore popular with locals and tourists alike. The coral reefs are just off the coast and protect the beach from strong currents. There are toilets facilities and a food outlet.

Tobacco Bay is located at the top of St. George’s Parish. It is sheltered by boulders and the water is quite shallow and warm. Its name comes from the tobacco that is said to have been found growing here many years ago. One of the most popular beaches on the island and a 20 minutes from the port, it can become very crowded when cruise ships are docking. It has rest rooms, food concessions and beach rentals.

Achilles Bay, named after its heel-like shape, is in the northeast of Saint-George. Also known as Saint-Catherine’s Bay like the Fort of the same name to which it is adjacent. It has an intimate atmosphere, even if it can be reached by foot from the King’s Square in Saint-George. Rest rooms and beach rentals, food concessions nearby.

Clearwater Beach is located in the island of St. David’s (home of the St David’s lighthouse), east of the International Airport. A little walk away from the beaten track, it is not much known by mainstream tourists. The water is shallow and calm, making it a perfect beach for kids. Man-made beach with lifeguards on duty in the summer, children’s playground, rest rooms, food concessions and bar.

Horseshoe bay beach

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Horseshoe Bay Beach, in the Southampton Parish, is probably the most famous of all. It is also a very busy one and a first choice for cruise tourists. Shaped like a horseshoe, it has pink sand and sometimes strong surfs. Lots of facilities such as rest rooms, beach rentals, shops and food concessions. It also has lifeguards in summer months.

John Smith’s Bay Beach, the only public beach in Smith’s Parish, is far from any hotels and off the tourist track. The shallow water makes it ideal for children and its crystal-like clarity is perfect for snorkellers. It has toilets facilities and lifeguards in summer months.

Shelly Bay Beach takes its name from one of the crew member of the Sea Venture, the ship that crashed in Bermuda and started the first settlement on the Island. Sheltered from the ocean waves by a cove, it has warm, shallow and quiet water and is mainly used by locals. there’s a children’s playground in an adjacent park, café and toilets facilities.

Warwick Long Bay Beach, in the Warwick Parish, is very long for a Bermudian beach. With 1 km of pink sand, it is the longest in the Island and the most easterly one of the South Shore. The nearby reef makes for quieter waves and the beach is a favourite amongst dog-walkers and joggers. Restrooms only.

Snorkel Park is located near the King’s Wharf at the western end of the Bermuda, in Sandy’s Parish. Mainly designed for families and children, it is entered through a limestone tunnel. There are two slides in the water and many underwater features such as marked trails and sunken cannons to make it attractive to snorkellers of all levels. Inside the Dockyard complex.

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