Bermy Cuisine In Hamilton, Bermuda

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Bermy Cuisine

Bermy Cuisine is a seafood, sandwich and burger bar situated on Serpentine Road, in Hamilton parish.

The restaurant is owned by Horace and Audrey Tucker, whose daughter Ashley is carrying on their tradition by making her own strides in the culinary industry, being a graduate of Culinary Nutrition. It seems excelling in food preparation runs in the family, when you consider the outstanding menu Bermy Cuisine has in store.

Bermy Cuisine takes care of customers from six in the morning to three in the afternoon, Monday to Saturday. It also opens on a Sunday, from 7am to 3pm. It brings you superb home style food, in a swift and ingratiating manner, at a reasonable rate.

This is an optimum spot to receive a scintillating roster of seafood, sandwiches and burgers. Bermy Cuisine puts on a brilliant breakfast, which you can order at any time of the day. There is also an exceptional Codfish breakfast at the weekends. When stopping by Bermy Cuisine for lunch you could tuck into one of their excellent home grown hamburgers, cheeseburgers and more. The restaurant is further renowned for its scrumptious sandwiches, from the regional fish based variety to Egg and Bacon, BLT, Grill cheese, Club sandwiches and more.

Patrons could select from the magnificent salad range, as well as peruse the daily specials, from fish or shrimp dinners, to the sea food platter and crispy chicken platter. For dessert, you could have some pie or Pie a la Mode. There is also the alternative of having one or two scoops of ice cream or a Dusty Road.

Bermy Cuisine moreover has tea, coffee, milk or hot chocolate to drink. This is along with a variety of shakes, juice and can soda.

Bermy Cuisine

70 Serpentine Road,

Phone:  (441) 295 1231

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