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More and more folk are choosing to get married in Bermuda these days as it truly is perfect for weddings. You don’t even need to go anywhere for the honeymoon – you’re already IN paradise!

You can exchange your vows on a pink sandy beach, one of the beautiful tropical gardens, on a boat or in one of the historic churches. No matter where you get married in Bermuda, it’ll be perfect. If you don’t know Bermuda very well or have never beeen here but want to get married, it’s often advisable to contact one of the local wedding planners – often available through hotels such as the wonderful Mandarin Oriental Elbow Beach Hotel – to make sure all arrangements are perfect including wedding photography, attire, flowers and, in particular, legalities!

There are also Bermuda wedding packages available which can make arrangements much easier for your big day.

If organising yourself, there are things you must do if you want to get married in Bermuda in 2011/2012. You must have a ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ published in the Bermuda newspapers for a start.

The ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ should be sent to the:

Registrar General at the Government Administration Building, 30 Parliament Street, Hamilton, Bermuda (tel: 297 7709 & fax: 292 4568)

…together with payment ( $243 Bermuda dollars – a cashier’s cheque/bank draft made payable to ‘Accountant General, Hamilton, Bermuda’. It is worth noting personal cheques are not accepted and marriage certificates are available for $42 Bermuda dollars). Unlike some other counties, no health certificates are needed, but final divorce decrees for all divorcees are required, if applicable.

The wedding notice is then published by the Bermuda Registrar General in 2 of Bermuda’s local newspapers. 2 weeks (14 days) MUST elapse, from the date of receipt of the notice, before the Registrar General can issue a marriage license, permitting you to marry.

The marriage licence can be issued on or after the 15th day provided no formal objections have been raised as is the normal way of things. A marriage license must be issued within 3 months of the date of receipt of the ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ by the Registrar General. This remains valid for 3 months from the date of issue.

Your Bermuda wedding can then take place (with an appointment) in the Bermuda Registry’s Marriage Room (between the hours of 10am-4pm, Mon – Fri  or 10-12:00 Saturdays). You’ll be able to accommodate about 12 seating guests and a few standing, last time we checked. Alternatively of course, you could get married in a church, though you’ll need to research availability.

At your wedding, you will need 2 witnesses, over 18, although the registry can help you out with this if need be (only on MOndays and Fridays usually)

Roman Catholics and Divorced persons have a few more hoops to jump through – in fact, divorced persons cannot be married in any Roman Catholic churches in Bermuda – so be sure to get in touch with the registrar or parish priest in plenty of time so there is no surprises!

Once the wedding has taken place, the marriage certificate is mailed to the happy couple within 1 month of the date of marriage.

When getting married or honeymoning in Bermuda, there’s no better way to see our gorgeous paradise island than on a rental scooter or moped. And if there’s a group of you, then Elbow Beach Cycles is the perfect place to hire as you’ll get a group booking discount!

Best of luck from all at Elbow Beach Cycles!