Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish Tournament – The Sea Horse Anglers Club

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The oldest fishing event in Bermuda is also the third and last leg of the Triple Crown Billfish Series.

Held from the 20th to the 24th July, it is the last rush to the Triple Crown and sees all teams giving all they have left to try and win it.

The Sea Horse Anglers Club is a Bermuda fishing club located in Hamilton and a member of the International Game Fish Association and The Billfish Foundation. The club has given itself the mission to promote and support recreational and competitive fishing in the waters of Bermuda.

The tournament has the biggest number of fish species eligible of the three Bermuda Triple Crown events: blue marlin, white marlin, spearfish, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, big eye tuna, wahoo and dolphin.

Points are scored for marlin, spearfish and sailfish released, and every boat is allowed to bring one blue marlin to the scale over the three fishing days, scoring a point for every pound above the minimum 500 pounds. Points are deducted if the fish fails to reach the minimum weight.

There is a biggest-fish only category for yellowfin and big eye tuna, wahoo and dolphin and the largest one caught will get a percentage of the base entry cash and prize. The minimum weight is 50 pounds for tuna, 25 for wahoo and 20 for dolphin.

The registration fees are the same as for the Big Game Classic, $3,000 per team for up to six anglers.

Last year, the competition was marked by a massive blue marlin bite, right from day one with 14 blue marlin (and seven white), followed by 15 blue marlin on day two (plus three white and a spearfish), and 16 blue marlin on day three (and three white).

The fleet was made of 28 boats. The game fish division was led by the team of ‘Paradise One’ who caught a wahoo weighing 37 pounds. The Big Blue Marlin Jackpot was won by ‘Wound Up’ with an impressive 858 pounds specimen on day three.

The 2010 winner was ‘Sea’duce’, a 82-foot Viking, with a total of five blue marlin releases, three of them on day one and two in the final day. The team also scored the most points in the tournament since it was switched to a three-day format and finished third overall in the Triple Crown.

‘Sea’duce’ was closely followed by ‘Freedom’ who released three blue marlin in the last day, providing an exciting finish to the Sea Horse Anglers Club Billfish Tournament.

Completing the podium was ‘Click Through’ with two blue marlin releases, one spearfish release, and a 666-pound blue marlin boated. Incredibly, for their first participation in the event, they went on to win the Bermuda Triple Crown.

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