Bermuda Shorts from Bermuda?

Posted in: News - Last Updated: September 24th, 2015 by Dolores Thomas

Comfortable and stylish, Bermuda shorts are a way of life!

Are Bermuda shorts from Bermuda?

More famous than Bermuda themselves, Bermuda shorts are the island’s answer to warm and uncomfortable business suits. Inherited from the British Army’s shorts worn in tropical climates, they made their appearance in Bermuda during the first part of the 20th century.

A story says that, because of a shortage of clothing during the Second World War, the managers of two Bermuda banks, worried that their employees would not have suits to wear, had a tailor make pairs of shorts to be worn with long socks as a substitute.

A more plausible version involves the influence of British colonials who started wearing this type of shorts inspired by their tropical uniforms in their yacht clubs founded in Hamilton and Saint-George. One thing is sure, Bermuda shorts are recognised as the official business attire on the island.

Bermuda shorts are not just short trousers though, they must follow a number of rules to claim this appellation and be considered appropriate business attire.

Real Bermuda shorts are made of suit-like material; their hem, cuffed or un-cuffed, between one and three inches above the knee; and worn with knee-length socks, shirt, tie and blazer. They also feature a pocket on each side and two on the backside, fitted waistband or belt loops. Despite their name, they are usually not made in Bermuda but imported and sold locally.

Typically, they are worn by businessmen, police forces and politicians between April and November but can be used all year round. The choice of colours is quite varied, from the classic grey, beige or navy blue to less formal dark green or burgundy and more tropical like pink, yellow, green or orange.

Although Bermuda shorts are not considered as formal, they can be worn for evening dining in many up-scale restaurants. They also are a perfect alternative to trousers in the island’s towns where beachwear is seen as inappropriate and frowned upon.

In fact, Bermuda shorts are worn in every occasions, for fishing, golfing, sailing, at cocktail parties or even weddings. There are two types of shorts, business and sporty, usually differentiated by the material they are made of.

This piece of clothing has became the symbol of the special status Bermuda benefits amongst holidaymakers. While a Bermuda short is summery and comfortable to wear in a mid-tropical climate, it stays stylish and smart and doesn’t denote with the whole British lifestyle that still influences the island. Make no mistake, Bermuda is not the  busy and noisy Caribbean. Here, tourists and residents blend in harmony, and everyone knows how to enjoy the weather with class and dignity.



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