Bermuda Scooter Rental Reviews

Posted in: News - Last Updated: May 13th, 2011 by Michael

Elbow Beach Cycles has some of the best scooter rental reviews you’re likely to see from any of the Bermuda scooter rental companies.

Our scooter rental shop has been featured in some of the top travel destination sites in the world:

We have many great reviews showing just how much we care about our customers – for example:

“Absolutely wonderful — everyone had a great time!”

Paul Maidment and the “Manchester Boy Scouts” have been a client of Elbow Beach Cycles for over 22 years. Paul continues in the tradition of his father, the late Harry Maidment, who had also brought boy scouts to Bermuda. Harry Maidment was a cherished client of Elbow Beach Cycles for over 42 years.  PAUL MAIDMENT OF TROOP 25 BOY SCOUTS FROM MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT

For more of our scooter rental reviews, check out our scooter hire testimonials pages where you while find LOTS of happy customers of ours! If you want to hire a scooter, book online now!



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