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Hamilton Dock Bermuda

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If you are on one of the amazing cruise ships that are visiting Hamilton Dock in Bermuda this year, we have a very special scooter rental delivery service and pick up to and from Hamilton Dock, Bermuda! Elbow Beach Cycles scooter and bike shop are NO1 in Bermuda for Scooters and bike hire – and as such, we have a long and proud tradition of delivering the very best scooter rental service for Hamilton Dock visitors.

If you go on a cruise to Bermuda, you might have the chance to stop at Hamilton Dock, but only if you are cruising on relatively small ship. The central location of Hamilton – one of the reasons it was made capital of Bermuda in 1815 – is an ideal base to visit the islands.

Unfortunately for bigger cruise ships, only vessels up to 750 feet in length are able to pass through the narrow mouth of Hamilton Harbour, the bigger ships usually dock at the Royal Navy Dockyard of King’s Wharf – which we can also deliver bikes to.

The access to the port is made difficult by a chain of islands, which includes Hinson’s Island, Long Island and Hawkins Island, and the Salt Kettle Peninsula, while the harbour itself is home to the White’s Island.

The dock is located on Hamilton Harbour, a natural port formed by an extension of the Great Sound towards the east. One of its advantages is that you walk off the ship straight into Front Street, the most lively street in Bermuda, especially on Wednesday evenings.

When aboard a ship docked in Hamilton, Bermuda, you have access to magnificent views of both the city and the bay. If you know what you want to see from your cabin, book port side cabins for the views of the Hamilton bay and the beautiful houses located on the island across it, or book starboard side cabins for views of downtown Hamilton.

When you dock in Hamilton, you are close from everything you want to be seeing and doing during your vacation: golf course, shops, restaurants, pubs, clubs, historical monuments and of course the unique beaches covered of pink sand.

The best ones are located on the southern shores of the island, only minutes from Hamilton. The main ferry terminal that deserves all the major routes is located at a very short walking distance from the dock and the Hamilton also has all the main buses terminals, making virtually any point of Bermuda accessible from the city. But before you explore the rest of the island, have a look at Hamilton by foot or in one of the traditional horse carriages.

If you don’t have the chance to dock at Hamilton, make sure it is part of your Bermuda itinerary. It is easily accessible from the port of Saint-George or the Royal Naval Dockyard where the biggest cruise vessels arrive.

As taxis in Bermuda can be very expensive – and Bermuda buses less than reliable if demand is high – your best option to get around the island after disembarking at Hamilton Dock is by scooter – so ensure you choose Elbow Beach Cycles – for safe, reliable, modern scooter rental.

Scooter Rental at Hamilton Dock

If you are expected to arrive at Hamilton Dock Bermuda – just let us know by booking online with our easy to use booking form, and let us know the date and time of arrival, and our scooter delivery team will have your scooter ready and waiting for you when you disembark. From Sun-up to Sun-down, if you are visiting Bermuda and expecting to land in Hamilton, have Elbow Beach Cycles have your scooter ready for you, and even pick it up again when you are finished with it! Our scooter rental service is ideal for Hamilton Dock cruise ship passengers who just want a quick trip around Bermuda, and even for those looking to book a rental for a few days or a week.

Check availability today and book your scooter now – take advantage of our pre-pay 15% discount if you book your bike, or moped, now.

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