Bermuda Scooter Discounts For The Military And Government

Posted in: News - Last Updated: June 8th, 2011 by Michael

Picture of a Flag of Bermuda

They put their lives on the line for us. They keep us safe. They help handle the day to day running of the Island. They keep this engine motoring. We owe them so much. And, are very proud of them. At Elbow Beach Cycles would like to give a little something back. So we are proud to announce we are offering a 12% discount rate for active members of the military as well as any government official renting moped, scooters and bikes in Bermuda.

Are you planning on heading to the Island for some well earned R and R (rest and recreation – or relaxation: same thing really!)? Or you might already be here? Then our brave servicemen and women as well as government staff  needn’t spend too much of their military/government pay on hiring a vehicle. You can make great savings on transport when hiring a scooter, bike or moped with our brilliant Bermuda Scooter Active Military & Government Discount Rates.

Elbow Beach Cycles let you rent a vehicle and ride the highways and byways of this beautiful Island at an excellent cut price rate. We only require a valid piece of photographic identification and then the roads are open to you. Then you can choose from our incredible fleet of scooters, mopeds,and pedal/mountain bikes of various makes and models. You’ll have an unforgettable trip to Bermuda, taking in everything the Island has to offer. (This is assuming you’re not from Bermuda because you’ll already know how wonderful it is!)

This is just one of the many wonderful discounts Elbow Beach Cycles offers customers when renting a moped, bike or scooter. We always offer the `Best Available Rates` when hiring a vehicle. You can have an incredible 10% reduction when hiring a scooter, bicycle or moped online. This is not to mention our excellent early bird 15% pre paid discount hire, for an even greater saving.

Our exceptional delivery service will safely ship our bikes out to any location on the island, as well as pick them up! Whatever you need. This adds up to a wonderful tour of duty round Bermuda. It’s all part of the service!

*Discounts Not Be Used in conjunction with other discounts.


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