Bermuda Scooter & Bike Delivery/Pickup Service – Island-Wide!

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Bermuda Scooter Pickup & Delivery Service!

Do you feel like going off on holiday in Bermuda? Fancy ranting a scooter moped or bike? Want it delivered to where you are staying in Bermuda? Want you’re scooter picked up at night from a different location in Bermuda? NO WORRIES! At Elbow Beach Cycles – you always come first!

Bermuda is separated into beautiful stretches of land known as parishes – and they hold many wonderful features and surprises for visitors. That’s why we have a scooter delivery and pickup service to and from every one of them!

Elbow Beach Cycles will also drop a vehicle off at any location. You can park your moped, scooter or bike at one of these wonderful spots, all over Bermuda, and we can arrange to have it picked up again. We provide our customers with an exceptional rental delivery and pickup service. No matter where you may be on the island, at any time day or night, your scooter will be in good hands. Elbow Beach Cycles will ensure that your bike gets to you safely – and is safely picked up again!

Your moped, scooter or pedal bike will also be safely retrieved from any part of Bermuda. We deliver and pick up our vehicles from the various parishes. They extend from the east to the west, taking in glorious locations. The individual parishes each boast incredible landmarks and attractions for tourists to experience and enjoy.

There is of course the stunning Paget Parish. It is home to many tourist destinations and resorts. This is where visitors can experience the beautiful Bermuda Botanical Gardens, along with the breathtaking Elbow Beach, with its cool blue waters and sandy beaches. The parish is also known for being a hub of bird watching, with many enthusiasts flocking to Paget Marsh.

There is also the parish which share its name with Bermuda’s capital city. The stunning Hamilton Parish is the site of the world famous Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo. That is not to mention the natural wonder of the eye catching crystal caves. The actual capital city of Hamilton is located in the central and aesthetically pleasing Pembroke Parish

Visitors may call on the breathtaking St. George’s Parish. This covers the classical Bermuda town of St Georges, with St. David’s island opposite the harbour. Tourists can also take in the peaceful and tranquil Devonshire Parish.

Tourists may visit the striking Smith Parish, where you could soak up the aquatic beauty of the Devil’s Hole Aquarium. You can furthermore explore the Spittle Pond Nature Preserve and Flatts Village.

The wonderful Warwick Parish is known for housing some of the most renowned cliff formations in Bermuda. This part of the island is also known for a round of golf and a spot of horse riding.

Southampton Parish is famous for having some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. It is also the location of the glorious Gibbs Hill Lighthouse. Then there is the stunning Sandy’s Parish in Bermuda. This glorious part of the island boasts gorgeous beaches and the Gilbert Nature Reserve. The popular travel destination houses the celebrated The Royal Naval Dockyard. It is complete with its word renowned fortress and a vast array of boutiques and shops. The parish is moreover the location of the fantastic Fort Scaur and the arresting Somerset Village.

This is just a notion of the many wonderful attractions and places to visit in the various parishes of Bermuda – and just some of the coverage we have with our scooter delivery service. This makes one of the most well loved holiday spots in the world. If you want to get around in style then hire a scooter, moped or pedal bike by one of the biggest names in the Bermuda tourist trade.

It is the Bermuda moped firm you can count on for the best deal when hiring a bike!

You can rent a scooter, moped or bike from Elbow Beach Cycles and get 10% off your scooter if you book online NOW. On top of that, if you book early enough and pre-pay your scooter, you’ll get a 15% discount!


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